Just Maybe V- Not an Ending, but a Beginning..

I finally sent the text message.

I had drafted, redrafted, deleted and recovered it before eventually settling on a neutral, “could we talk tonight?”

I waited for it to be delivered. The network has been lousy for a while now, and it takes several attempts to make a phone call and even hours of waiting for a text message to be delivered. Perhaps the receiver’s phone was off… so it was not to be that night.

The accidental meeting in the cafeteria prompted me to write the message. I realized I was not ready to give up what might have been. What if he was genuine? What if this had a different ending? Even the greatest of men do change their minds. Seeing him like that, avoiding catching my eye even when we were seated across each other, well… that is what made me change my mind.

We met later the following day. I told him I had decided to give us a chance. We could take it slow…after all, we are just ordinary people. We agreed the timing was a bit off…it’s exam time and there is hardly time to play hoochy coochy. Actually, hardly time to see each other at all. We’ll see what happens after exam time.

Perhaps it’s the start of something we hadn’t hoped for. Perhaps it’s just the start of a good time. Whatever it is…I am loving every minute of it.

P.S. Am reliably informed kliktcha is turned off…good riddance to bad rubbish.


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