Not for the first time in my life, have I run out of inspiration on what to write. Generally, my writing does not come by me thinking about it. It just happens. Or it doesn’t. Like now it’s just happening.

Rosemary is pregnant. Which is not news anyway, there has been an outburst in the increase in the number of pregnancies in campus right now. The reasons could vary, from trapping the dude, to getting a cute kid while you are dating that pointee boyfriend, to stability or family since some are in the final year and want to start families by the time they are done with campus. Or maybe it was just an accident. It doesn’t matter, Rosie’s pregnancy is not really the major part of this story.

I don’t remember when I first knew her. I mean I’ve always seen her around. This semester, she was definitely somewhere in my radar. She is really bossy and there is no way you are going to ignore someone opinionated like that. She makes her friends cook for her, with something like, “si mnipikie uji.” This girl simply issues commands and you obey them. Very authoritative.

I recall her telling us how she had slapped this boy whom they were jostling with in the queue. The beginning of each semester is characterized by these long orderly queues which quickly turn into a nightmare of jostling as all pretense of order is discarded with patience running thin. So this guy stepped on her and refused to apologize. She says she gave him two hot slaps and would have fought him if he had dared hit back. You don’t want to mess with her, trust me. Her way of resolving conflicts involves shouting you down or slapping you around.

She does not eat vegetables. Or rice. She suffers from some condition where she has to eat ‘matumbo’ on a (almost) daily basis. She cooks in partnership with her friends (you know, where you jointly buy the food and then take turns cooking it.) However, she does very little cooking and no cleaning up at all. I don’t know how her friends put up with her.

I came to learn that even from home, everyone looks up to her to solve their problems. Like there is this time her dad had taken the cows to graze somewhere near the neighbour’s piece of land. On one hand, we have cows, on the other, the neighbour’s crops. The inevitable happened. The neighbour, a woman who likes removing her clothes during arguments, stripped down while arguing with the father. The woman’s sons thought something bad was going down and beat Rosie’s dad. Following the story so far?

Apparently, the dad did not want Rosie to be called for fear of what she would do. Rosie’s sisters finally called her and that was the conversation I caught her having. Words like P3 forms were thrown in among police statements and such like. She then hung up and called her cop friends, and within minutes, the woman’s sons were in custody. Now see why you should not mess up with her?

She has a number of boyfriends. There is one whose work is to always bring fish. She once told him, “Don’t even bother coming back if you don’t have fish. And flour. You know I don’t take these normal brands, it must be Jogoo.” Unfortunately for this guy, Rosie actually hates him. She says she can’t stand the smell of him. Perhaps she can only stand the smell of his fish. And don’t ever get her vegetables, she is a non-vegetarian. Or is it anti-vegetarian.

I was a little surprised to learn she is pregnant…shouldn’t she know better? But I came to learn she wanted the pregnancy. She is in her final year and she has timed the pregnancy such that she will give birth soon after her final exams. She scares me a little, am glad the only words we exchange are ‘hi’ and a brief smile when we meet in the corridors.

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