Second year results were finally released. I took a look at my transcript and smiled…it wasn’t so bad. Sure, a couple of Bs and maybe some Cs but mostly As. I knew my parents would be pleased and at least may stop looking at my face to see how it’s healing. We will have other things to talk about, like classes and studies and school fees and such other academic stuff. I am a vastly curious person, of course, and I wanted to know what grades other people had. Let’s just say that though I did well, I doubt I will top my class in second year.

In case you are wondering, am now in my third year, this is the last semester. Post-catfight Savvy is now very careful. People do not want to hear the truth, and I should keep my opinions to myself, yes. I remember in high school, I had this friend who used to tell me modesty is a virtue. It was either modesty or honesty. Well, see where that got me.

The semester is still in its early stages and some changes have already taken place. Like we broke up with the ‘Maybe posts’ guy after three weeks of trying it out. Don’t ask. I had decided to change my outlook and am working on that…like dying my hair a crazy color and a radical wardrobe makeover. One thing that doesn’t change though is my dedication to my studies.

Maybe am very patriotic. How else can you explain that since Harambee Stars screwed their chances of going to the Africa Cup of Nations by losing to Mozambique, am still going to watch them getting thrashed in Tunisia next week and later in November, at home with Nigeria? I think the coach should be fired because the two matches in which we have led were not convincingly won.

Enough updates, regular blogging to resume soon.


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  1. Keep off trouble.
    Never say the truth which hurts.
    Sometimes, lying through silence is golden.

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