100th Post

I’ve always thought of myself as fairly famous, if not popular or both. Somehow this is all being confirmed, though not as I imagined.

I met him on a Monday. He’s always been a good friend, but not that close. There is always the could have been between us, but I was over it. Anyway, when I met him, after the usual small talk and niceties, he said he wanted to talk to me.

“You can talk to me anytime, what’s up?”

“No, not now…I want to talk when there is time to talk. Somewhere private.”

You can imagine my mind went into overdrive. What could he want to talk to me about? Even if you don’t want to go to the party, it’s still nice to get an invite, know what I mean?

“What do you want to talk about?”

“It can wait..till you have time. I’ll tell you when you are free.”

“This making me wait will make think it’s a big deal, is it?” I persisted.

“No…it’s not a big deal but tell me, when are you free?”

“Call me tomorrow in the evening, I think I will be done with my paper then, I’ll be free…”

I checked my phone every five minutes the following day. I hate being kept waiting. I had dispensed with all I had to do so I can be free, and there was nothing to do but wait for a call that never came. The curiosity was killing me.

Later, I met my friend Cracker. Never mind the name…she told me there was this guy looking for me. Apparently, he appeared to have searched frantically for me, but he had the wrong number…which he sent messages and kept calling but it was off. So she gave him the correct number and could she now know what it was all about?

I told her I’ll find out but I don’t know yet. She started speculating. It probably had something to do with church, since he is a dedicated member. Maybe since my attendance has always been erratic, he would talk some inspiration into me. More likely was the idea of him asking me out. I dismissed it, but then who knows?

The following day, we met and went for a walk in the evening. Small talk again…when will he get to the point? So he finally said…

“Okay…I wanted to ask you, what do you think of me joining JKUSO?”

Whaaat? JKUSO is the student union body. You mean you kept me in suspense all this time, just to ask my opinion on you vying for some political stuff I don’t give a freak about?

“You want to join JKUSO?” I asked idiotically. Of course, that is what he had just said.

“Yes…and I really want your opinion. Do you think I should join?”

“Of course, if you want to, then you should really go ahead and join. I’ll support you.”

I don’t understand this guy. I mean, we are friends but not that close and why should my opinion matter? The truth is, I don’t care if he joins or he doesn’t join, I don’t care who wins a position in JKUSO or who doesn’t.

It did not take long for me to figure him out. Our church does not outright condemn politics, but you are advised (strongly advised) not to join because politics corrupts even the most righteous. Most of his friends are, let’s say, pillars of the church and he figures am the worldly one who seems to know everyone, who shall give him all the support he needs. He even wanted to make me campaign manager. I politely declined. I told him I’d support him with all the enthusiasm I can muster, which is not saying much because as I said, I don’t care about the upcoming JKUSO elections.

There is also this other guy…those whom you just say hi to and nothing much else to talk about. He’s quite good looking. One day we met as I was walking from supper with my friends. Instead of the casual hi, he pulled me aside for some lengthy chat and I was just about to begin wondering if I should be flattered. He asked me what me what my name on facebook is. Should I tell him that I’ve not included my number on my profile? Anyway, I asked him why…

“There is this group I’ve formed. Me for Academic Secretary and I want many people to join. So I’ll send you an invite then you can send to all your friends…..”

That’s it? You want me to help you campaign on facebook? I smiled and spoke all the right encouragements.

And now yesterday, Nikki’s ex-boyfriend offered a lingering hug and a huge smile. Then he told me to spread the word around, he wants to run for some post or other.

Perhaps I should stop being so conceited and realize they are telling everyone in their paths to vote for them and campaign for them, and am not as popular as I think. Right now though, despite my indifference to the elections, am walking with a spring in my step.


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  1. and here i was thinking…that guy has game!!!argh, the frustration! but maybe you are that popular..run for JKUSO and u’ll know 4 sure

    I can’t handle suspense…I think people should always come out and say what they want.

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