Las Vegas, Mombasa

Spotty is wearing his cowhide shoes. They are not suede, they are beyond suede. They literally still have the fur/hair on them. Funny, even MF is already here. I haven’t seen him turn up for class this semester, and if I have then he’s come in very late. Everyone is punctual, and it’s not even 7 a.m. yet. By now you are wondering, are we headed someplace special?

Not really, but this is our first class trip since, ever. And it might be the only one. It’s not easy to convince lecturers that every semester, you need a trip to go see a server, or connections or something computer related when we have all that stuff here. There is even an assembling unit right within the campus. So we finally decided we needed to see the underwater fibre optics or something like that at the coast.

There is something exciting about going to coast as a group, rather than an individual or a family. And not a Christian group like back in ’06 but a rowdy campus crowd.

The sun rises up and the bus is not here. The rest of the campus is stirring, people are rushing to class and we are sniggering at them and the boring day they shall be having ahead while we take a road trip to the coast. I glance at my bag. I have confirm that I have packed my beach shorts. I am finally going to get the courage to wear them without tying a leso on top. Swimming costume (one piece, for now), check. Sunscreen, check ( well, not really. My lotion presumably has sunscreen.) Sunglasses, check.

We pace up and down. We wait, and we wait and we wait. JJ decides she will refresh her make-up, MF wants to catch up with lost sleep since he hasn’t been up this early since exams last semester. Even Spotty decides to give his shoes a brush. I run back to the room to see if there is something I forgot to pack. And the bus is still not here. No one wants to risk going to lunch only to find the bus left.

Finally at four p.m, after almost 10 hours of waiting, it revves up. This African timing thing has really been taken to its limits. We all rush in. Coast here we come. We’ll paint the town red, or whatever color we shall find. It doesn’t matter some people already finished their student loan money and are broke. My good friend Sunbird whispered to me that she knows this ‘swonko’ (I think that’s sheng for rich.) and that he was m-pesaring her cash as we spoke.

We settle in. There is no checklist to make sure everyone is in the bus. The driver pulls out of the campus gate. I hope we will have a good time. Will report back shortly.

There is no doubt that MJ revolutionized crotch-grabbing. I watched this animation flick dissing him. The cartoon MJ really mistreats his crotch. He starts by doing the gentle-grabbing up and down jig he’s famous for, before becoming progressively violent until he finally takes a baseball bat and bashes his balls in. No doubt he continues to live in our hearts, no matter his self-mistreatment.

p.s. 2
Next week we take our first class trip. This is a just a preview of what will probably happen.