On the Road, Hopefully

I am sitting in class with my mind zoning off. I had never noticed K had such big ears before. The lecturer is actually the director of our institute, and simulation is the only unit he teaches. The perv in me, or is it the imaginator in me, is wondering how the director got that burn mark on his neck. Did he get involved in a cat fight (meaning did he get scratched by a woman)? Or did he have a row with his wife?

He is not an unattractive man. He is tall and slim, and there is a space between the buttons of his shirt that keeps widening. You know when you have widely spaced buttons on a loosely tucked-in shirt and there is a gap big enough for someone to see some hint of skin (for the vestless). Anyway, I kept following his movement as he paced to and fro, wondering if he has hair on his stomach.

That was when my phone rang. I’ve been expecting it to ring all morning. Everyone is asking me what time is take-off for the trip tomorrow. Only when I pick up the phone, the lecturer in charge of the trip says it’s today at one. This guy is a confused one. First he says it’s 6th or 7th, and now he suddenly changes it today at one.

This has thrown everyone into disarray. The post I was planning on reader responses is undone, Sunbird is yet to be mpeswad by the boyfie and she has to make a run to Thika to withdraw some emergency cash. Me, am ready to go.
Now the waiting (for the bus) begins.

on the wall of one of the hall six urinals: “Shake well after use.”