The Colour Purple

Okay, you got me. Jeff Hardy is my inspiration for the purple hair.

Okay, you got me. Jeff Hardy is my inspiration for the purple hair.

I had made up my mind. I was going to dye my hair purple come what may. Of course, I had considered that idea before, I had told countless friends (ok, maybe my friends are not countless) and watched their shocked expressions, wondering why purple. Am sure you are wondering the same.

Purple is different. I just want to do something crazy looking, but legal, for a semester. I was also to change my wardrobe to black.

So here I was last week, entirely determined to prove I could do as I said. I went to the first salon and asked if they do highlights. The lady there said they do. I asked if they have purple. She said, no, they only do highlights and if I wanted to colour my hair, I would have to look for the dye myself. I suppose its too much to think she knows that highlights don’t have to be blond.

I went to the next salon, and told them I wanted to dye my hair. They said, sure we’ll colour your hair. Only they have black dye. They asked what colour I wanted. I said purple. They were shocked…they asked if I was not sure I wanted black. I think I know the difference between purple and black.

Feeling let down by salons, I went to the supermarket to buy my own dye. I searched and searched, but all I could find was burgundy red, or strawberry blond or some colours like blue-black. No one had heard of purple dye.

I called a friend of mine. Super Ongea at the supermarket was 3 bob so I let her ramble on before asking her what it was she had said about using food colour to dye hair. She said it works, it’s the best and you mix it with treatment, apply and that’s it.

Since I figure I am a DIY kind of woman (DIY-Do It Yourself), I took some three tubs of purple food colour, mixed it with my treatment and waited for the results.

The Results: my yellow towel- purple. The bathroom walls-purple. The top I no longer wear- purple. Parts of the floor in the room-purple. My hair:- black with a brownish tint, just like before.

To cut the long story short, do not dye your own hair. Just go to the salon. Does anyone know where I can find purple dye, or a salon that can change the colour of my hair?

I hope it does not turn out like this!!

I hope it does not turn out like this!!

This is more like it....

This is more like it....

Am sure you are waiting for the coast pics and stories. Am writing them as I write this. Patience.


7 Responses

  1. Those stress ladies go thro to appear presentable.

    Presentable? Am dying my hair purple to look unpresentable

  2. Buy purple wig, simply, or let me do it, then pay me very very well!

    Sure, make sure to come with purple dye next time you fly back…I pay very well.

  3. clearly, its a purple october.
    but purple hair?

    purple hair is radical..

  4. It is definitely legal to dye your hair. I like burgundy.

    burgundy could be my next project.

  5. Wow! That purple hair looks cooool. I’d definitely do a really dark purple if I wasnt looking for a job.


    maybe the next time you are on holiday..

  6. I’ve been in a similar situation too, and i couldn’t find purple dye anywhere-; the conclusion from the hairdressers being that I should place an order and wait for it from abroad. Luckily, I learnt about the temporary hair spray and went rushing to the new super cosmetics in Westi (about Kshs 250).A few hours later, i had streaks of purple on my hair as i DIY’d….>>
    It was cheaper, easier and so much fun.

    Directions to this new cosmetics shop in Westi?

  7. lol!!!oooohhhhh,((hug))…a photo…pliz??

    well, my hair has streaks of purple that glitter in the sunlight. But I fear it will just look black in a photo.

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