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I have written outrageous posts, uninteresting posts (I hope not), informative posts (I hope so) and I have enjoyed your responses. Most of them anyway. I have been criticized, advised, insulted… today, I want to choose some interesting ones and share them with the rest of you who may have missed them.

Response to Porn in Kenyan Matatus

From des
I have seen many X-rated activity in those Matatus in my time. Call me guilty if you like but couldn’t help it myself. One time I was grinding this lady my hard-on was about to burst. Lo and behold she turned to me and gave it a nice massage from the to top of my pants. Another time I placed my pelvis onto this huge ass. The lady knew what was happening so gave me a nice lean over so that I can rub her box underneath. One other time I actually took the lady out of the bus and took her str8 to my little room in Eastleigh. Miss those times dummit.
In Tokyo/’Japan they have female only train cars during rush hourse due the above specific problem. Its the women’s fault.

Comment: really? It’s rather hard to believe you.

From Faiz
ave lived in eastleigh all ma live am astonished to hear that porn is shown in some matatus plying this route i ave heard of route 44 showin porn but eastleigh which route exactly since there is No.9 6 and 4 pliz can the person whosaw it be more specific.

Comment: Why would you want details, anyway? I am suspecting you could be a fan..

Others like this one, I like to read

i like you Kenyan Campus girl………u r so smart

Mr and Miss Jkuat post had the most comments, including one hater:

The so called Miss.JKUAT used 2b My EX b4 i developed a taste 4 the finer things in life and i dumped the crap outta her bt she’s lucky to have escaped wit a make-up kit i had bought 4 my mum which i c keeps ha going but biliv me naturally she’s scary….Then 2 of the guys in those pics are active gay men,imagn!!!!one of them tried 2 “Hit On Me” sam tym bak in Westie & i had 2 kol my crew n we smacked the hell outa his gay self….Mr. & Miss JKUAT is a waste of Time, Resources and

Me: are sure u are not just hating?

Carol: I was going to comment on Mr. and Miss JKUAT when I realized that somone was not only hating the thing but was also homophobe!

Me: clearly he thinks beating up someone is the clearest way of ridding him of gayness.achana na yeye, i dont believe him

Hate: if u don’t biliv me,ask the gay character in those pics…He’s still paying me protection fee 4 me 2 cover up his demeanor…but the beating tot him a good lesson….n if u don biliv that Chic usd 2 b my Ex, check out ha silver rings which she happens 2 only own…they r inscribed “Me n Hate” always…n if any1 tries 2 organize this contest again,i’l kol my pple n u’l get a beating…Am Homophobic n Miss. JKUAT Must GO 4 GUD!!!

@Savvy, ur next.

@Savvy,u better slow ur role…I heard u were among those walked down the STAGE OF DISGRACE,trying 2 B a beauty queen without beauty…U don’t the Director of CCK had sent a stern warning to all media houses warning against coverage of the event…its a threat 2 NATIONAL BEAUTY SECURITY…and biliv u me this thing aint neva happening again…The situation is much smaller than that…its not evn an election but the votes are cast and Mr.JKUAT must GO!!…am the HALL 2 JANITOR.

Jowgoo: Mnajua this event ilikua usiku, na wathii walikua gauge, thaz why kukawa na mix-up ya results!!
Kwani you think huyu Miss ni kitu? Disgrace!
Ati Mr. what? labda kama wanacheki feminine qualities sawa!!
I love you guys

Me: Which guys?

Anonymous: i thot maria would win it coz enyewe she’s hot almost like rubi! mind u im a chic sayin this! we should appreciate real true beauty! by the way who won?

And many more interesting ones, keep them coming.


2 Responses

  1. i must admit the comments are hilarious even if some border on, well, insanity!

    sometimes I wonder if they are for real.

  2. i came to this party late…porn in matatus? woah!

    Judging from that reader’s comments, I would have hardly believed it because personally am yet to see it with my own eyes.

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