The Hangover

Part 1: The Journey

Anyone who hasn’t watched The Hangover should stop reading this, run to the nearest video library and watch it before resuming reading. It’s about these four guys who head out to Vegas for a bachelor party, and wake up the following morning with no memory of what happened the previous night. I love the movie, mostly because I think the cast was great. I have watched it at least four times.

I admit most of us left college that Tuesday afternoon, hoping to make our own version of the hangover. It may have been a challenge, because in the movie, the guys steal a cop car (when is the last time you saw a squad car complete with lights flashing and loud speaker thingies?), also steal Mike Tyson’s tiger ( that was an American tiger, I doubt jungle cats in Kenya can be friendly enough to be stolen), one marries a stripper, one toasts to four of them wolves running through the dessert looking for strippers and cocaine. Personally, I was staying a safe distance away from both.

Of course, there is the saying that what happens in Vegas… but The Hangover guys told their story. It’s only fair I be allowed to tell mine. But for purposes of being sued and other legal crap, I shall put a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. If any of the people or events mentioned here match those that have happened in real life, it is purely a coincidence.

Instead of a wolf-pack of four, we were two buses of 70. We succeeded in our version of Las Vegas, Msa. I have no idea where to start the narration. I cannot claim to know all that happened in coast, but I shall tell as much as I can remember.

How about I start from the beginning? Having been ready to leave on Monday afternoon, and knowing the lecturer who was to take us (let’s call him Just Business, or Just B for short), I was not surprised when he texted me at 6 p.m. Monday evening telling me we’ll leave on Tuesday, promptly at nine in the morning.

Let’s just say we ended up hanging in my room for about six hours, drinking juice while making several bathroom breaks (need to get ready for the long journey), and going across the hall to the entrepreneurial chick selling credit to buy Bamba 20’s and call Just B, who kept assuring me that everything is fine and we leave in 30 minutes. 30 minutes turned out to be six hours and thirty minutes, from take off time at nine, we left at 3.30 p.m.

In the movie, the guys head to Vegas in a neat Mercedes convertible that even I, who can’t tell a Toyota from a Nissan, could tell it was hawt. ( As in hot.) Since we all could not fit in a convertible, we made our own convoy of one and half buses. I did not want to go in the mini-bus, it would have few people, and it was not as comfortable as the full-bus (from henceforth referred to as the bus. The mini-bus shall remain the mini.) Meanwhile, as I was busy calling guys to get into the bus, I forgot to book the back seats and we had to sit near the front. No need to worry though, the adults (adults in the sense that they are not students) who were accompanying us have seen it all. Just B is particularly free with students and easy to interact with.

While we waited for everyone to be settled, and finance issues to be sorted (this can take forever), Butterfly and Blossom came into the bus. They were kinda late so they had to ride in the mini. But they introduced this cocktail of their invention that was just IT. They reminded us how far the journey to coast can be on a bus, and thus the need to hasten the journey with some sort of cocktail. I shall not be revealing their signature drink, lest they want to copyright it. Email me for details.

Sure, someone is always left behind and as we stopped at Ruiru for yet another bank issue, they caught up with us. We stopped for rather too long so people got out to stretch their legs and came back with six-packs of EABL products and other related stuff. We promised ourselves to wait until the bus started moving before starting to liquidate ourselves.

Our first stop was somewhere along Mombasa road. That was when the digital cameras started rolling. Let me search somewhere for an appropriate photo. It was at night but we had our sunglasses on. We needed to be ready to land in coast at any moment, and I hear it’s hot and sunny over there. I think that was the rationale for the nighttime sunglasses anyway.

The bus ride: note the bottles

The bus ride: note the bottles

And the story continues…be sure to tune in two days for the continuation.


3 Responses

  1. This is R.E.A.L.

    Everything I write is real.

  2. Savvy, this aint fair..anti-climax

    I wont rob you of the climax…am just making you wait for it.

  3. I love traveling, I gots to follow up on the continuation. And I have watched The Hangover movie, favourite part; when the naked chinese guy jumps out the trunk of the car and starts beating the crap out of the three! I still don’t get where he came from.
    Interesting post.

    The Chinese guy was with them when they were gambling and they kidnapped him saying he was their lucky charm. You can see they were together at the end when the photos are being displayed. The hangover is a classic. My best part was when that guys comes with the liqour asking if they are ready to let the dogs out. Then when he reads the poem about the wolves. He played that role really well.

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