Day One #Hangover III

We would have liked to be booked into the Serena Beach Hotel that was just opposite, but with an allowance of 2 soc which could not even buy breakfast at that particular hotel, we got a good deal at the place Just B had thought of. The only consolation was that there was a semi-public beach within a 2-minutes’ Nairobi walk or a 5 minutes’ Mombasa stroll of our hotel.

Having booked into one room with three of my friends (the room had five beds, a fridge, small kitchen, and reasonable-sized bathroom, and a spacious balcony with two couches, and some chairs with plans of drinking and playing poker on the balcony already on our minds), we started the whole unpacking, showering and settling in process. I tried sleeping after showering but the excitement of being in coast was getting into me. I was restless, so despite having not slept the previous night, I got into my costume, beach shorts, sandals and hooked up with some guys also headed to the beach.

I swam a little, then sleep finally caught up with me.
I woke up as some guys were going on a boat ride, upon the Amsterdam.

Boat rides aside, I did go for a camel ride, an experience I probably do not want to repeat. I know you are thinking that camel rides are for kids, and then you may die never having rode a camel. I drank madafu- coconut water- for breakfast, the guy selling the madafu telling us (my classmate and I ) of the numerous benefits, including making the girl soft and bootylicious, and giving the guy stamina. I admired the coloured lesos on the beach, and later bought one, though not at the beach because they were selling at tourist rates.

The plan for the day was for the whole group to go to the public beach- Pirates Beach-later in the afternoon. Meanwhile, some people slept the morning away while the rest of us spent time at the beach, playing football ( I lost a toe nail; try running in the sand with an ill-conditioned football and about 20 boys), drinking madafu, posing for photographs, recovering from hangovers…that sort of thing.
Around noon, Just B announced he would take us to a place where we could buy lunch, then to the beach. At this point, you may be wondering if it is the tradition of the school to take us to leisure trips whenever and wherever we feel like. Actually, am sure this trip was classified somewhere where signing has to be done that it was an academic trip. However, the only remotely academic thing we did was a one-hour stopover at Fort Jesus, and even then, it has nothing to do with computers or networks. We are entitled to an academic trip at least once a year, but this was our first class trip ever and we are in our third year. We could not waste the trip on matters such as academics and learning…and since we have a choice of places to go, we chose the furthest, funnest destination within Kenya. I am sure we’ll choose it again come next year when we go for our final trip.

We went to have lunch at a joint that sold nyam-chom. (That’s roast meat for the non-understanding peeps). I thought we would hunt for places that sold coastal food and sea food, but it seems food was not the priority; as long as it was edible, who cares if it’s inland food? More photographs while we ate, the slowest service and calculations you ever saw and we were out of the place. Am sure you have heard of the retort “Kama una haraka, ungekuja jana”, literally translated to “If you are in a hurry, you would have come yesterday.” The waitress comes, asks your orders (you wonder how she is able to take all 6 or more orders at once), she leaves for some time, then comes back with a pen and paper and asks for your orders again. You wait for an eternity, she finally brings the food dish by dish, and after eating, she comes around again asking what you ate so she can give you your bill.

I did wonder where Thinker had gone. I heard later that he was riding in the mini. It was my intention to avoid riding in the mini (as in mini-bus which is not as comfortable as the bus), so I turned up early for any journeys. Anyway, along the way to the beach, we picked up some guys who had decided they could not just stay at any hotel but had gotten apartments, those 2 bed-roomed places with a common TV room (I wonder when they got to watch the TV they were paying more for), and landed on the public beach everyone in Mombasa probably has been to.

Nothing extraordinary enough to report happened on the beach. Every girl has been warned to stay away from beach boys offering swimming services because they offer so much more. A number of activities go on in the sea, and not all to do with swimming. I remember meeting someone in the water, he wasn’t a beach boy but some guy from some campus in Nairobi come to do family business in coast, that sort of story. Got the tattoo from Brooklyn, and he did provide good company, which was restricted to conversation and nothing else. (Oh, we did watch a suspicious-behaving couple in the water, wondering exactly what they were up to). Played some water game, the kind where you form some obscure teams and spend the time passing the ball from team to team, with another group of students who had come later that day. I hear every week, there is a group from our university going to coast for some trip. The buses are usually fully booked for the entire semester, so planning for trips usually begins a semester early.

Whenever we go for swimming with my friends, I am always the last one out of water and this time it was not exception, so the plan was to get food then check out what Mombasa had to offer as night entertainment. Most people were tired, but still some went out immediately. We set about looking for food, and ended up eating at the restaurant at the hotel. The orders took long to come and we dozed on the tables, signs of a sleepless night and hours of non-stop of swimming (at least for me).

A group of guys going out asked us to join them, but we had already ordered so we said we’d join them later at the club.

We went back to the room, and I remember showering, wearing my going-out clothes then lying on the bed to nap while waiting for the rest to get ready.

I woke up on day two at 8 a.m. still in my going-to-the-club clothes.


4 Responses

  1. Don’t you just hate it when that happens….missing a whole night out coz’ of that nap?

    No more naps..I can’t believe I wasted a whole night just like that..

  2. i so hate it when that happens…you feel like shooting sam1

    Later though, I came to appreciate that I slept because for the next two days, I did not sleep at all.

  3. Savvy girl dont you ever get laid? hav been reading your blog for a while now not read any juicy stuff or arer you keeping that part to yourself?

    Dude, I don’t kiss and tell.

  4. That a relief if you gettin some,for a time thought you were a nun.

    And if I am not getting any, is that a bad thing?

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