The Ecapades of Dreamgirl

Warning: This post may or may not contain explicit content

Colourful Collection

Colourful Collection

Dreamgirl is a funny one. She starts the few relationships that she has had backwards. She usually meets a guy, makes out with him and hopes a relationship will start from nowhere. While her friends get to know the guys they kiss first, she kisses first then knows later. Mostly, she is disappointed but quickly moves on. She tells me her stories, of course, am one of her confidantes. I am not supposed to tell any, but am sure I’ve said it before- I can’t keep secrets. Sometimes not even my own.

Guy #1
I am sure almost everyone has been through the fixed blind dates. The only blind dates I go for are the ones I fix myself, but Dreamgirl sometimes accepts to go on those double dates where her friend’s boyfriend brings a friend along for her. Does this make sense? Anyway, this one time, her friend invites her to a mpango in tao. (Some background: Dreamgirl told me this one time she was in a club, and as usual she was almost kissing the guy she was bonding with, when he refused because he had a girlfriend. Usually, a guy who stays true to his girlfriend acquires more points in the hotness scale. It’s a known fact among chicks. From then on, she decided she would know first, then kiss later.)

In town that night, she could see the guy she had been set up with was not bad looking, he was funny, could dance (though the dance floor was too small and hence too much grinding so Dreamgirl told me she didn’t enjoy the dancing as much.)

Later, after they left the club, she was wearing his sweater and inside the pockets were newly bought wrapped condoms. But she had reformed you see, and besides, she just kisses, not sleeps with, strangers. She wasn’t going to kiss this stranger ( I mean they just met) let alone sleep with him.

The guys live in a two bed-roomed place. Her friend and her guy retired in one. Dreamgirl thought she would take the bed while the other guy slept in the sitting room. Of course he had other ideas. So as she lay in bed trying to find a comfortable spot to settle in, she could see through the fumes of alcohol in her head that he had started undressing. Before she could ask, “what are you doing” (not that she could not see he was stripping), he was standing there stark naked, saying things like let’s keep each other warm. Warmth is the last thing she wanted, alcohol had already done that. Secondly, she was wondering if this guy has ever heard of foreplay.

Foreplay does not have to start physically. It all starts in the mind the moment your eyes meet and your imagination wanders. Dreamgirl tells me that that night, she just couldn’t imagine doing anything, however remotely physical like holding hands, with the guy. If foreplay is the Christmas Eve of sex, then Dreamgirl likes the Eve of Christmas Eve.

She knew of course, that he would not force her to do anything, but he was going to try and persuade her for sure. He entered bed, and while her mind was trying to figure out which side of the bed to get out of, he was already telling her, “don’t go…just let me put on a condom. I won’t do anything, am just putting on a condom….” What? She wondered.

Dreamgirl couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t even touched her and he was already wearing rubber. Again I ask, what happened to foreplay? If ever there was a time she was turned off, it was then. Then with his alcohol breath, he finally grabbed her and said, “let’s do this….” And when she said how he can sleep with her yet they were strangers, he said “there is always a first time for everything…” Finally he thought of kissing and said, “just kiss me then…”

She told me she got out of that bed, took a blanket and left to spend the night in the sitting room. He did not disturb her anymore.

Dreamgirl realized she had truly changed because now she couldn’t kiss strangers. But Guy 2 proved that a leopard does not change its spots, or some saying like that.

Guy #2
Dreamgirl met this second guy while in a state of inebriation. We use such terms as “wasted” in campus. E.g. huyo msee alikuwa wasted. Or, umeniwaste… or nafeel wasted- when you’ve read all night for a CAT and the lecturer does not bring it. (This actually happened)etc..

So as I was saying, Dreamgirl was wasted when she met this guy. She liked him immediately, he was polite, did not talk much though he was just as wasted, offered his drinks generously, smiled that mysterious smile at the right time and such like trivia that she described to me.

She told me she did not have any plans of kissing the guy, after all, she had reformed.

He did not offer to go dance (you know, for a chance to do some grabbing and grinding… just check out dance floors of Nairobi clubs to know what I mean), did not talk vulgar…so Dreamgirl told me she enjoyed just hanging out and talking with him. She told me she suspects however, that at the back of her mind, the Christmas Eve party had already begun.

She told me she can’t tell how she came to be kissing him. He wasn’t the type of guy to shove his tongue down your throat at the first opportunity, or take your hand and direct it to his crotch even as you try to catch your breath. Rather, he took things too slow, seemed not to care about himself but only about her…I asked her what she meant at this point, and she refused to elaborate. However, I can deduce that since he did not want to be touched, fondled or kissed there, he was willing to do that for her. When he sensed things were going too far, he told her they shouldn’t be doing that too soon and she liked him even more. She wondered how he could have so much control, and could not help but compare to the first guy described above.

I asked if she has really changed, I mean here she was almost approaching second base with a stranger. She told me that saying I’ve already put down; a leopard does not change its spots.

P.S. I may or may not write the last of the Hangover posts soon.


8 Responses

  1. “don’t go…just let me put on a condom. I won’t do anything, am just putting on a condom….”

    If I were a girl, simply for the dude’s arrogance of not even giving me the honour of being seduced, this is the point at which I offer to put on the condom for him. Of course, I’ll break his dick and wrap the damn thing and his balls in that condom. He’ll need every bit of it when he arrives in hospital and I’m told latex holds well.

    LOL, Darius you are a mean one. But for real, a dude should just take it slow. Seduce first, eff later. Not the other way round.

  2. !!!!

    I don’t understand your comment.

  3. Sasa huyu msichana ako confused aje? mwenye anataka hamtaki ilhali analazimisha mwenye hataki???

    You missed the boat by a mile. The point is to contrast these two dudes. That’s the point.

  4. Remember that a man is born ready, a lady takes time to be ready….. hakuna vile unaweza pata chali kwa pub, take his drink, accompany him home and expect eti mtalala tu. keep off his house.

    Again, I insist. Just because he bought you a drink does not mean he can have sex without seduction.

  5. guy #1 takes the cake, the g-nuts and all that comes with the package….eh!!

    am glad you get the point.

  6. “If foreplay is the Christmas Eve of sex, then Dreamgirl likes the Eve of Christmas Eve.”

    I like this line.
    Campo life, ha!

    I like the line too. Any experiences you want to share?

  7. Savvy are you dream girl lol! the first guy should be castrated and never be allowed to breed his type give us guys a bad name whatever happened to seduction,holding her hand,looking into her eyes and moving sixty percent and letting the lady also respond.

    I wouldn’t say am Dreamgirl, let’s just say we are very close….definitely, the lady should be allowed to respond, 50-50 I say, equality and all.

  8. […] … mpaka kwa D’ lakini Top Dog ana sema anataka nikuje mbele ya opponent kuchukwa mpira. …The Ecapades of Dreamgirl | The Diary of A Kenyan Campus GirlPosted by savvy on October 28, 2009. Warning: This post may or may not contain explicit … mwenye […]

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