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Humility, a lesson that is not easily learnt. Apparently, pride was the first sin? Then maybe am secured a seat somewhere hot. But then, J.C forgives all sins. In any case, am now humbled. See, when it comes to academics, am one of those people who think they can pass no matter what. Well, it happened for two years; blindingly glowing transcripts, save for a few dim spots. The overall effect was still blinding though. This I did not mind showing anyone who was mildly curious.

So you can imagine my state of excitement as I looked forward to picking my result slip from last semester exams. I went a week early and was told to come next week. Well, it is a public institution. Anyway, I was going to kill two birds with one stone; one was to pick marked CAT papers at the department (the secretary had gone for lunch, but I suspect she had gone to cool her throat, she looks very addicted to firewater), and to pick my transcript. I checked my marks in the mathematical unit we are doing this semester: 27/30. I should be smiling, but am there wondering what happened to the remaining marks. Maybe am obsessive compulsive.

I hope by now I have set the mood for my expectations at the time. Val, the secretary /receptionist /personal assistant knows me already. She gives me the class list to sign. What do you know? Am the first to collect my result slip. She flips through the green-coloured papers and hands me mine without smiling. I glance at it. Am not sure it’s my transcript. I look at the name again, and my hands are shaking. What happened to the As? It’s like someone reversed the number of As and Bs in the transcript. Previously, my transcripts read AAAABAABAA or something close to that. Now it reads BBBBABBABB.

Let’s just say am hoping to regain the focus I had in first year. Waking up by 5 a.m., extra reading and attendance of all lessons, assignments done in time, revision done throughout the semester…etc but whom am I kidding? It takes staying out of school for like two years (after form four) to gather that kind of psyche for books. Now? There are times I wonder if am in the right career. My love for computers aside, and forgetting the rush when I solve a programming problem (which is becoming rare, since am dubbing assignments these days), could I have chosen another course, and had been happier?

Perhaps I have reached a reflection point.


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  1. That was the story of my life in 3rd year. That was one hell of a year I’d want to forget of my campus life. Of the entire 6year period, it was the worst on so many levels.

    But don’t worry, if you do something about yours, things will look up eventually.

    I have decided to give it my best shot, if the lecturers do any more guess work-like they did- it’s up to them. I just can’t believe a lecturer can bring the same paper he brought the previous year, and still give you Bs and Cs. And another said there were just too many As so he gave some people Bs.

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