The Harambee Stars

The Team

The Team

You may have wondered how come I have not written about the Stars and the German coach who bailed on us. It’s really water under the bridge. I may have not attended the match at the stadium, but I was well represented by my brothers, while I watched the game from home.

There is no need to analyze the match. Had we won, we would still have remained at the bottom of the group, and wouldn’t have qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola in January. World cup hopes were dashed the moment Kimanzi was removed as head coach.

Harambee stars biggest fan mourns the waste of the spectacular talent that was displayed on Saturday. Who thought of Antoine the swine in the first place? Good riddance to bad rubbish. I know KFF or KPL has issues bigger than Mt. Kenya, and perhaps that is why we need a local coach who understands the situation on the ground, not some well-dressed coach I had never heard of before till he was made coach.

We now take a break to watch the rest of the world battle it out to qualify, or maybe the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League, of which my team Liverpool is not doing too well either. Perhaps I should be supporting a local team too. Maybe Nairobi City Stars (formerly World Hope) or the champions Sofapaka. Perhaps Tusker FC…am sure I directly contribute to their sponsorship via EABL.

The Harambee Stars have another shot at the Africa Cup of Nations in 2012, and we start another qualifying round late next year. The world cup of course, remains a dream. I sure hope one day we’ll make it, but not with statistics like these: 6 games, 5 loses, 1 narrow win (we got a penalty and it was at home.), unpaid dues, warring officials, lousy coaching, bad kits (I did notice the Nigerians have no names on theirs either…or is it an African problem? How are we supposed to know our players’ names? Even the commentators have no idea whom they are talking about.), a governing body that does not know it’s name, lack of funding etc etc.

One thing they can count on though, is the support of loyal fans.

The fan

The fan

P.S. Are these people for real?


2 Responses

  1. Savvy, this isnt a comment, it is more of a rant. Or a conversation.

    Am a sucker for football so I was there at the stadium as usual. We missed your blowing of the vuvuzela.

    Firstly, most teams don’t bother with the name thing on the shirts during the qualifiers. More so in Africa where you can play this team in this match and change the whole team in the next qualifier.

    Hey quitting on us before the match was quite predictable. If you make your bed, you lie on it. If you appoint a coach, you are supposed to back his decisions. If FKL decides to appoint Hey as coach, they have to live with his idiosyncrasies.

    Dropping Fighter and Olly was to say the least a rather bizarre decision. But during the game, lets not forget that Fighter played onside Yakubu and led to the Naija’s second goal and that Olly missed a one-on-one with the keeper. Having said that, the lads played their hearts out.

    Musa Otieno is old and should be shipped out of the team for good. The rest of the unit seems quite young and if we kept the team, it can mount a serious campaign for the 2012 Cup of Nations and 2014 WC.

    Olly (OK, I will stop calling him that, its only Ghost Mulee who calls him that!) Oliech is our best player and is 24, Mariga is 22, Wanga is 24, Oboya is 22 and we still have youngsters like Kitawi who can still rock.

    If we build on the tea, it could be our golden generation. Most of them will have peaked at 28 and can beat any team in Africa.

    We have to lose the oldies like Musa Otieno (36), John Baraza (35), Robert Mambo (31) should all really step aside and let us build on a formidable team for 2012-4.

    It is also good that some fans have started supporting local teams instead of being ‘logo groupies’ for foreign teams. One of my buddies went to Swansea recently and when asked what team he supports, he said Arsenal, to which his host was outraged? ‘Don’t you have any local teams in Kenya?’

    Its a good start as a competitive league will lead to most of our boys going to play for the big moneyed teams which is what the Naija’s have been doing. Obi Mikel, martins, Yakubu, Yobo aren’t better than the Kenyans. But they have played in established teams with some good coaches and now can hold out even when they seem not to play as a team for the Super Eagles.

    Hope those FKL and KFF dimwits really get the wake up call and realize that most of us Kenyans would love to see the Harambee Stars playing at the highest levels.

    How about we hook up for a live game next time? And it is definitely time for Musa Otieno to retire. John Baraza and Robert Mambo fact, when you hit 30, you should know it’s time.

    Kenya has the potential and if we played as a team, we could hold our own against the so-called African giants.

    I think we can qualify for the 2014 WC if we focus.

    P.S. When can I come check out the Green Mosquitoes?

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