Survival in The Library

The Library...looks almost like ours

The Library...looks almost like ours

It’s almost exam time yet again. This is the 6th semester ever since I reported here, the sixth exam period am about to face. After all this time, you realize you have sharpened your skills for cramming, perfected your miniaturizing art of writing ‘mwakenyas’ (let’s just call them ultra summaries that somehow find their way into the exam room- though mine usually stay away from the exam room) and how to revise effectively.

You have somehow found yourself with a free day, so you decide to study in the library. The room has enough distractions: from a roommate cooking to friends of roommates who just can’t shut up, to neighbours playing the latest hit yori yori, I can’t stand that song anymore. Other places of reading from, like lecture halls, are occupied during the day. So the library it is.

Contrary to popular belief, the library is not the most quiet place to read from. It’s only quiet at the beginning of the sem, but at such a time like now, discussion groups are relocated to the library. People answer their phones, have shaky legs (you just find the table vibrating, wondering if there is a miniature earthquake but it’s just someone whose legs can’t stay still). Others chew gum loudly, like it’s a wad of leaves or something, others sing along to the cranky music from their cheap China phones.

So here is a survival guide to studying in the library:

i.) Go with a friend. You may get bored after an hour, or you may need to borrow a pencil or confirm something. But do not make the mistake of sitting together, because you might end up talking or being distracted by whatever questions the friend has to ask, unless you are reading the same unit. The friend will also take care of your stuff when you need to take a toilet break or go outside to answer a phone call.

ii.) Chewing gum. This helps when you are doing a unit with more notes and less reasoning. It helps with cramming, or memory, as some research actually found out. Just don’t chew it loudly, it’s not polite.

iii.) Dress well. The library has been a meeting point for many people. When you are a chick and you stand up to go make a phone call, everyone whose mind was screaming for a break will look up and check you out. So don’t wear that green Safaricom t-shirt and black pants that make someone instantly think of the Lewa marathon.

iv.) Flirt only in your mind. Do not be tempted to take this library flirting to actions. One moment you are reading your notes, and you look up and there is a guy staring at you. Most likely, he’s not seeing you, he’s just trying to make whatever in his book stick to his mind through the process of staring into space. You just happened to be in his space. So, if he’s good looking, just smile in your mind, not out loud otherwise you may embarrass yourself.

v.) Patience. Be patient with those who chew gum loudly, have silly loud conversations on the phone, curse at themselves, sing loudly from the bad music in their earphones, shake legs unnecessarily, have group discussions in the library, wear loud shoes and just demand attention, have dressed so badly you wonder if the just woke up and went straight to the library, have dressed as if they are going to a club… the list of irritants is long. Just let them be.

vi.) Concentrate either way. That is why you went to the library. Sure, you may waste half an hour or more time, but make sure that at least for half the time you are in the library, you have done something substantial. You can later claim how you just dozed and stared around in the library, or wasted time walking around like a teenager with an attention attack, but deep inside you know you read something. Otherwise, don’t bother going to the library at all.


6 Responses

  1. wa!
    tru dat.
    may or may not work tho’.

    If you suspect it wont work, you can just go to the library to chill out, and feel like you’ve done something useful because you’ve been in the lib.

  2. and I wonder whether you read anything amid noticing all these library habits.

    In between noticing the habits (which I may be practising too..), I do read.

  3. You forgot, Wear A Micro Mini. Because when you are in the library you will sit down.

    This is just a favour to the other users of the library. And you may just get the book you wanted if you (oh well.. I think am lost)

    You are not allowed into the library in ‘indecent’ clothes, there is a ‘bouncer’ right at the door who turns you back if you wear backless tops or micro minis. However, you can get in with your backless (and possibly frontless) top by wearing a sweater that is promptly removed once you sit down.

  4. i know i left a comment know you need to stop getting frisky with all these different URLs

    I think I owe you an explanation. Check your email

  5. You know those guys who stare blankly at you in the name of cramming could very well turn into being your stalkers! Trust me, I know!

    Despite that, I loved reading in the lib, too many pleasant distractions. Plus i made a bunch of friends from there *grin*

    There is plenty of space to study from, and recently, they upgraded and even bought new chairs…and I wonder whom you met?

  6. So in my library you can check out study rooms for upto 4 hours at a time, and I just stopped going with a friend because it just ends up being a chat session!
    I went to the library alot my first 2 years of college, now I just work in my bedroom at wee hours (it’s now 3:42 am) and browse the web to keep me awake…
    the 4th floor of my library has actually been known for hook-ups, so I guess dressing well does work…

    Working at the wee hours made me miss my morning lessons, so now I’ve resorted to being asleep by 2 a.m. Did you get any hookups in your first and second years?

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