It Could Be You



So you’ve never kissed a girl. Never had a girlfriend, but of course, no one knows that. It so follows that if you’ve never kissed a girl (and you are a boy, that should have been the first thing I said), then you haven’t had sex. Unless it’s with yourself, and let’s face it, that doesn’t count as sex.

You go out much. In fact, every Friday is a Furahi day. You have your own crew, of course. You are at an age where desperation has not set in, till you have to go drinking alone. You tell yourself you are no alcoholic, so how can you drink alone?

Strange thing is, you keep to yourself. When most people are drunk, at least those I have encountered, they are friendly and social. They’ll kiss strangers and hug people they just met at the club, even confess undying love. I know of unsociable drunks, those who can’t hold their liquor, their language is abusive and their behavior disgusting. Like someone called Blanche. But that is a story that has already been told.

It’s not that you haven’t approached girls before. You just got turned down, what, a couple of times before? Then you decided that was it. No more hustling for chicks. You are just going to be the cool guy who sits at the table (making sure no one grabs it when all your crew has left to go dance or talk to chicks or bathroom breaks…that sort of thing.). Sometimes chicks say no when they mean yes. (You just have to know when a no is really a no, and how are you going to do that without practice?) If all your pals with chicks right now were honest, they’d tell you they get turned down 70% of the time but it makes the 30% all worth it. So maybe you shouldn’t have given up. And why am writing this here when I should be telling you this face to face? Tough question. Let me finish the narration first.

There you are at your corner again. One of your friends has spotted us… we’ve just checked in, the place is packed and there is no place to sit but he ushers us over anyway. Some of the crew gives up their seats for us. Introductions all round. Turns out we school together but we’ve never met. And I thought our campus was small.

There are those who use the excuse of being drunk to do some things they know they shouldn’t be doing. Like hands crawling all over your body (not really all over, but how does a hand all of a sudden appear on your thigh? Isn’t it a rule for chicks to wear jeans when going for rave? That way, contact is limited, as compared to for example, a short skirt.) So this guy is disturbing me, saying things like “ Wewe si bibi ya mtu…” ..Meaning you are not anyone’s wife. So anyone has rights to your body, that sort of reason, since no man has claimed it. What about myself? Do I have the right to tell you no? I bet with your reasoning, I don’t.

You are the one solving these small small conflicts that emerge in a large social group. The alcohol is not getting to your head and we are having small-time conversation. Some other two chicks join the table and there is a further shortage of seats. I offer to sit on you. I think I can trust you, your hands are not wandering where they shouldn’t (for now), you aren’t making any suggestive talk and are acting gentleman all through.

I just can’t resist. I have to kiss you. And you respond. The rest may or may not be history. Time will tell.


7 Responses

  1. Time will tell but probability of it turning nasty tends to unity.
    Welcome to the world of men, smart and always scheming to strike when you least expect it!!!

    Whatever do you mean? In any case, I could say I was the one doing the scheming. Or was I?

  2. Sex, maybe that’s a lot to ask of a person, but a kiss? He ain’t never kissed a girl ever?

    You will be surprised..there are virgins among us.

  3. As long as you don’t end up flat-backing for your peace of mind……
    Enjoy the ride

    Well…time will tell. Maybe he’s even fictional. Maybe it’s you.

  4. Enjoy the ride while it lasts

    Trust me, I shall.

  5. is this your way of saying you just want to be kissed 😀

    You got the point…as I said, it could be anyone.

  6. I see where this is heading cant believe there stl such sincere men outta there….u aint riding no mo u flying!!

    I didn’t believe he was for real either, but there is always a first time for anyone.

  7. savvy, this one even i have jam…shag virgin, yes. Kissing? nah…

    Give the guy a break, can’t a man be a kissing virgin? It’s not like they are born kissing, there is always a first time.

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