I wouldn’t call you innocent or naïve. Idealistic is more like it…maybe because you were the youngest in the room, we felt like we had to look out for you.

Everyone dispensed their advice, and you listened (or we thought you did) so you must be a patient person. One thing though, lose that (ex)boyfriend of yours. I still don’t know how you could think of forgiving a guy you found in bed with another girl. And you want to give him a chance to explain? Even when he’s been denying and denying…

The next time we go out, I want to see you hit the dance floor, alcohol or no alcohol, DJ boyfriends misbehaving badly or not.

I sure hope we’ll be roommates again. Haven’t any quarrel with you, except for the refusing to ditch the horny (ex)boyfriend. You kept the room neat and prickled my conscience into cleaning the room and emptying the dustbin once in a while.




Aside from being the worst bed-maker I’ve seen apart from me, am glad to have been you friend and roommate. Am I really your friend? Never mind, you are mine. How do you know all these sagas, by the way? I have beef with you, how come you never brought us that clip? You know, the clip of the Hall 7 couple….Hall 7 is a maze of classrooms, computer labs, drawing rooms, offices…and these tiny closets meant to be kitchenettes, and apparently a couple was filmed there, and you promised us the clip which you never delivered, even after we gave you like 10 flashdisks.

Chill out with the dad business though. We know your dad is the richest man so far, he has three laptops (or is it five?), a number of external hard disks, he flies in and out of the country regularly, he works in a government office so he has a lot of airtime, how many cell phones does he have again? We get it girl, you adore your father. You are proud of him. But we’ve heard enough. Next year if we are roommates and I hear the statement “ My dad…” I’ll smack you! Ok, maybe I’ll just walk out and slam the door behind me.

Am glad you are neat-ish. Your table is always readable from, unlike mine and Zee’s. I know we promised we’ll all book the same room next year, but I know I will not be surprised if inside you were like, “Let them think am coming back here…am going to move in with F so we can study all night for a first class.” Or something close to that.




If ever there was a female version of a player, if ever there was, then it’s you. I have seriously lost count of the number of days I’ve been exiled, and not always because of the same guy. And the fact that you feel no guilt, or nothing at all…aside from that, I think you were the most relaxed when it came to academic stuff. But surprise surprise, you pass really well. I can’t believe you came on Monday morning from a weekend away when you had two papers that same Monday. I won’t be surprised if you ace them.

I know there is no chance we’ll be roommates again, because you have finished college. Did I ever mention you made nice cards? You have some artistic gift somewhere in you and you should use it. Meanwhile, let me know if you can still be a player at home like you did in campo. And am not judging you, just stating a few facts you yourself acknowledge. Hope to see you on graduation day.


Yours Truly

Yours Truly

It’s hard to see myself as other see me. So let me say this from my point of view. I know you guys had to put up with my endless stream of visitors. Am popular like that…but seriously, I know there were times when you wanted a quiet and in comes in a barrage of my friends and their friends and out goes the peace and quiet. I know I wasn’t the neatest, but I sure put in my fair share of the room-cleaning and dustbin-emptying. For anything I may have done wrong, I apologize. And am still going to book the same room. I wonder who my new roommates will be. For whatever it was worth, am glad to have roomed in 145.


2 Responses

  1. do they read blogs?

    I sure hope not. Am brutally honest, ain’t I?

  2. awww, is A my twin? lol, seriously though!

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