Every neighbourhood has them. In one form or another.



The idlers
Even villages have their idlers. But the town idlers are to be found at the stage, or at a strategic corner near a pub or butchery. They are a crowd of young men who give anyone who passes by there the once or sometimes twice over, noting their status in life.

If you are a young lady, you’ll get whistled at as you try to hurry past in your recently acquired high heels. If you are in high school, you might like the attention and might even stop to talk to the smooth talkers… If you pass by and they catcall, then you should ask yourself what’s wrong. They can approve or disapprove an outfit. I guess they’ve got their contribution to society.

The Mama Mboga Kiosk
You might do your end-of-the-month shopping at the supermarket in town, or your grocery shopping at the nearest open-air market, but there is the small kiosk at the estate where you owe money for the obscure items like tomatoes, match boxes and middle of the month purchases. The owners of the shop are familiar and well-known to you.

The Upcoming Low Income Houses
Ok, I mean upcoming slum. Near an up-market or upper-lowerclass or middle class estate is a group of mabati houses that sell all manner of cheap stuff. Sooner or later, people settle there…and if the government does not remove them, it grows into a sizeable population.

The Estate Dames and Boys of the Hood
These are the attention seekers of the hood. The girls are dressed up no matter the weather, and the boys wear their pants at their knees. I would be tempted to say they could be form four leavers, idle and waiting to go to college. But some college students behave just the same. Earphones in their latest phones, high heels on muddy roads, loud music in their parents ‘borrowed’ cars…that sort of thing.

Stray Animals
Be it chicken, goats, cows, dogs, cats…in one form or another.

P.S. on a totally unrelated matter, I read with interest the story of one Equity Bank auditor. The guy, I would suppose, earns above average salary. Heck, by current economic standards, he is, or was a rich guy. But am getting ahead of my story. I read his story in the Nation Newspaper so it should have some element of truth.

The guy went to Nakuru, picked up a woman in the oldest profession, spent the night with her at the hotel and refused to pay up in the morning. He only parted with 200 hundred shillings. Two hundred for a whole night on Christmas? You are kidding me…it was x-mas for once, he should have paid up instead of paying with his life.

Anyway, they got into his car (the woman and him), and as they speedily drove on, he pushed her out of the moving car. She hadn’t tied her seatbelt so well…she fell and was giving her story from the hospital bed with something broken encased in casts. Not entirely sure what was broken, facial bones, a hip maybe..just know something was broken. Passers-by who took her to hospital called the traffic cops, gave the description and number plates of the car to them and the chase began.

I don’t know why he did not stop. Kenyan cops shoot first, ask questions later, even when you have surrendered. So they shot him down when he refused to stop, since I quote “the passers-by said a gangster had pushed a woman out of the car..”

I am sorry he paid with his life, but he should just have paid up and this whole mess may have been avoided.


2 Responses

  1. That dude had no respect for the law! How can u not stop for the cops?!

  2. i don’t know if you just pick this photo online or you took it your self but this is my area i was born in this area and i can tell you where you were standing while taking this photo
    anyway nice blog

    I got the photo from the internet. Thanks..

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