New Movie

I planned to write a long post today..but I have been so busy I did not get time so just watch out.

I was going to write it this morning, but then the matatu I was in was impounded (damn!), then I had to wait in dust for a long time for another one….which could not stop at my stage because cops have declared my stage is non-existent. So I had to walk back in more dust..and I arrived late, and immediately got busy testing some new system.

So here goes some new movie, due soon in cinemas near you!

Broke Black Golger...


3 Responses

  1. Naughty, creative and there is potential in this line. Creative directors could use this you know, and make a fun movie, Comedy + soft porn, and label it, Pornedy.

  2. this movie is a sad one… very sad one…

  3. HA HA HA!!! no but seriously this male bashing has to end campus chick, hata wamama wana mpango wa kando

    Which male bashing? I love males…don’t you read my posts? But poor Tiger

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