Savvy The Famous: A Review in Zuqka

What more can I say?


15 Responses

  1. congrats. First real comment here.

    You’re welcome..and thanks. I’ve read your blog once or twice before..

  2. proud of you….freeeshest!

    watch day I could be a famous writer.

  3. Awesome! Now remember not to forget the *little* people. 🙂

    I shall stay true to my roots.

  4. Congrats girl. You deserve celeb status. As mentioned, don’t forget us little people.

    Thanks..don’t worry, the fame hasn’t gone to my head.

  5. Congratulations are in order, you deserved the mention.

    Thank you…I dedicate it to all my readers.

  6. Congratulations Savvy, I saw it and thought that was a deserving mention. Like Nikolas said, don’t forget us little people.

    My memory is worries there.

  7. Congratulations. And they gave it a DEADLY!

    I think a deadly is like 9.9/10…Thank you

  8. My congrats are in order. Keep it going Sister!

    Thank you..keep it going too. You day shall come.

  9. you should have seen how excited i was to read the review. i have been an avid reader of kamau mutunga for years and getting the love is huge and well deserved. congratz

    Am also an admirer of Kamau Mutunga..he used to write these articles in the Weekend Magazine (now no more) in Friday Nation. Thank you.

  10. Hey, I’m I late for the party? Congrats! were the first one to text me, so you aren’t late at all!

  11. good stuff!!!!

    now we’re both celebs!

  12. Av always told you that i like your way with words…… and someone has confirmed that.


  13. You are gifted!

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