Sunrise at Savvy's Place

I got inspired today….I feel like I should have done photography..or something.

Sunrise From The Balcony

Ths is When I wake Up

This is After Showering

And this is as am leaving...


4 Responses

  1. Love these. Last one best

    Thank you..

  2. you wake up that early? geek…

    I have to get to work..and you should know how traffic is over here….terrible. Otherwise, am a sleep-past-midnight-and-wake-up-past-nine person.

  3. You are definitely a morning person..juggling between kicking blankets, taking a shower, bringing the closet down choosing what and what not to wear, tanking pics in there b2n, eating breko or better still skipping it is no easy task!!

    Am not a morning’s just that I have a job now and I have no choice but to wake up early.

  4. The scenery is thesame i see each morning i thinking you are the girl next door to me

    really? How about we meet at the balcony tomorrow morning to watch the sunrise?

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