The Kenyan Anorexic

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I am tired..tired of listening to your whines.

Picture this…we decide we are having fruits for lunch. It’s a girl pack thing. You find a group of friends together at lunch time and they’ll order the same thing. So someone suggests fruits and we all go like, “why not, fine with that, I don’t feel like eating anyway..” But you know me. I have my own mind…that’s why I’ll agree to the absurd fruits-only lunch when I’ve had chapatti for mid-morning snack at tea time.

“Am so full….this mango is so big…” you’ll start.

“I think I have a very small stomach…” you’ll continue before I have the chance to tell you the mango you have selected is one of the smallest, it’s full of water and in an hour the water will be gone from your stomach and you’ll be yawning away.

“And you know I didn’t even take tea…it’s so far away.” Ok, the distance can put you off, but for me tea is brought right there and let me not say how many cups I took.

We finish up with the fruits (a slice of pineapple, water melon and good-sized mango later) and as we walk back, we admire some suits and some kid’s clothes hanged by the side of the road.

“I like that gray one…and the blue one, the third from your right.” A says.

“Yeah..the gray one is nice, also that green one, the one with ..that one, yes.” I join in.

“Imagine none of those can fit me.” You add.

“And the green one?” I ask.

“That is so big…am very slim. I can’t find clothes that fit me anywhere.” Oh really? How about the rows and rows of jeans I usually admire but they can’t get past my knee? And my other friend who’s small with really nice clothes, does she tailor them herself? I should be telling you this but then you go ahead..

“Am the smallest in the family…they usually force me to eat. I don’t even take lunch. And even if we go for lunch, I wont finish.”

“Maybe that kid skirt can fit me…” But those are clothes meant for children!

That’s it. Tomorrow am going for lunch alone. But I think you should google anorexic models pictures. They are very scary.


10 Responses

  1. LOL…. i feel you. Solo lunches only.

    Or with people who eat!

  2. Is it realy that bad that I used to enjoy sitting next to the skinny gals and devour my plate of fries with a side of fluffy omelette?

    Now that’s plot..making them watch you as you eat!

  3. Maybe the poor girl just has bad appetite woiye.

    I have my bad appetite days too actually..I just don’t have to rub them in everyone’s face..

    On the other hand, not eating fruits isn’t cool at all.

    Yeah..fruits are just fruits, right. You can eat as much as you want.

  4. i have to eat am a big gal i need enrgy to work and play so i hardly eva skip meals so doing fruits for lunch is a nono ………unless its desert

    and by the way ive figured out where you work. I was once an intern thea too

    Really? Where do you think I work? Tell me on FB

  5. A friend can’t eat more than one chapo. But she can clear 3 packs of fries. Decipher that.

    She loves fries….

  6. hahaha…Sooo rude!!! I like!
    You remind me of Dr Coz in Scrubs..Or is it House… LOL

    You mean Dr. Cox in Scrubs..but am nice too. I never said this to anyone’s face.

  7. yeah meant Cox in scrubs or Dr house! U actually are a cross of the two 🙂
    And what if your dear pals/workmates read this log/

    Yeah…some have read it. They still like me, I think.

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  9. I really love your blog. Keep it up

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