Why Am Not A Fan of FB

Ok..just sample this conversation on FB. Regardless I may have started it, but I think it’s time to hit the ‘unfriend’ button.


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Stephen Skinny Kinara it’s cool lakini whats ur real name and do u know me?

Yesterday at 21:19Princess Fifi WATCHU TALKING ABT U KNW ME?RYTE AM FIFI

Yesterday at 21:23Stephen Skinny Kinara Yeah i read that bt doesnt ring a bell. jog my mem.

Yesterday at 21:27Irene Wambui Odhiambo Amen 2 that sista!!tis a real ribcracker!i totaly digd it!

Yesterday at 21:31Princess Fifi @irene u need to re watch it so fucked up were the 4 guys,,,@steph ni fiona b.

Yesterday at 22:02Stephen Skinny Kinara umeniita steph!!! wacha nikuremove friend

Yesterday at 22:08 Savvy (Me) The hangover was released mid last year…you watching it now? But classic scenes like the man bag/satchel, the poem on the roof, the black Doug..

Yesterday at 22:25 · Stephen Skinny Kinara the nude chinese dude jumpin out the boot

Yesterday at 22:28Princess Fifi @savvy fst wat is your problem n how the hell do u knw its my fst tym watching it?infct tis my twenty second tym,,,b*** wats itchin u i just don’t get it,,,now u trippin gal nah nah nt on my stuff?u think u so updated sit the fuck down.@steph again i did chuck me i don’t need yo a$$$ around my page do it before i do it,,u just gat me when i have my day,,,holy crap lil dude,,,bye.

Today at 06:26 Savvy Are u serious Fiona? I was just dissing u, obviously its ur first time. And u call me a bitch? Really? Grow up.

Today at 07:15 · Princess Fifi u trippin gal,,,,really trippin

Today at 09:29 Savvy Huh? R u really the Fiona I knw?

Today at 13:08 · Princess Fifi What do u think nigga?

At which point I hit the unfriend button.


9 Responses

  1. Dumb A%^es. Tsk.Some people just openly display their ujinga and think they got ‘that attitude’. Hm.

    There is joking….and then there are insults. She crossed the line.

  2. Funny how people get less inhibited behind a comp and imagine they can keep their online and offline selves separate ESPECIALLY on mediums such as FB where you have no anonymity.


    (I’m guessing, based on your astonishment, that this is not how Her Majesty Princess Fifi normally conducts herself)

    You’re right, she was a really sweet and innocent girl back when I knew her..

    ps. Btw, you’re not using their real names are you?

    Of cours am using their real names..no one calls me b*** and gets away with it!

  3. I definitely wouldn’t have reacted the way she did, I think your first comment was kind of funny, isn’t it? I would have thought; “Damn, I’m so behind!”
    Princess fifi has got issues….

    Some people have got to learn to take disses…so I was finally fed up and didn’t want to be friends anymore

  4. Never been a member. I’m taking notes.

    Never? I thought we all went through the FB phase…

  5. Ok this is going to sound real ignorant but …… they don’t have a character limit over there I see. Like 140 or something. Didn’t know that #blondemoment.

    There are no limits to characters, notes, pictures or anything….sign up under a fake name and see for yourself!

  6. There’s an idiot in every village and several on fb.

    True true.

  7. bambi sorry about it, but you know what, let it slide, dont quit facebook

    I didn’t quit..I just removed her as my friend.

  8. Uh oh. If I was a movie, I would be titled Clueless. What is FB?


  9. our kid, did u get married to M?

    If I may answer that…probably a yes.

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