To Chase or Not To Chase

So Mediamadnessk was having a drink at a bar (hey..I have to create a background story) when this lady approached him and chatted him up. Wait a minute, is she hitting on him? So he decided to tweet his thoughts, he’s a hunter…not the hunted.

Mediamadnessk This is getting weird! Am being hit on by a lady!

Mediamadnessk Are women this desperate?

savvykenya @Mediamadnessk what’s wrong with being chased by a lady?Unless u r a lady urself..which is still ok in this age of #liberalization #equality

Mediamadnessk @savvykenya when a lady chases a guy it’s just wrong! It’s being desperate!

savvykenya @Mediamadnessk do u really feel that way? So a lady cant even approach you, let alone a fullblown chase?

Mediamadnessk @savvykenya a little flirting is ok. But a chase just shows me how desperate one is and they dont respect themselves

savvykenya @Mediamadnessk its desperate for a chick to do the chase, but its ok for guys? Double standards, dont you think?

Mediamadnessk @savvykenya it’s not. Women are supposed to sit there on a throne and reject or accept offers. Not being easy and follow men!

savvykenya @Mediamadnessk wow! Clearly,we have diff views.Its ok for a woman to get off her throne to go after what she wants without bein called easy!

Mediamadnessk @savvykenya real women keep their dignity and wait 4 men! You can’t chase men and escape the cheap/easy/loose tag

savvykenya @Mediamadnessk are you saying chasers arent real women? Maybe some men like being chased..

Mediamadnessk @savvykenya they’re NOT! I doubt if any man enjoys being chased

savvykenya @Mediamadnessk then they are fake women?! Have you asked the men…maybe we should carry out a survey? #truce

Mediamadnessk @savvykenya a lady respects herself. We should do a survey

nymou @mediamadnessk hey,stop misleading @savvykenya .i would enjoy being chased

Mediamadnessk@kanaosh men seek women. Naturally

savvykenya @Mediamadnessk do u mind if I put this up on my blog to collect reader views? Respect ? I think u can still chase as u respect urself @nymou

Mediamadnessk @savvykenya you can put it up… tell me how it goes


14 Responses

  1. My opinion here does not count much, but my feeling is that here, in a society that has been patriarchal for so long it has no idea how else to be anything else, a man is going to freak out if you *chase*. But that is not to say there are not some men who will not enjoy it, even love it. Same as in societies that are less *patriarchal* there will be men who do not mind being wooed by a woman, and those who feel it is absolutely abhorrent.

    I think it is the individual who’ll decide. We cannot generalize…

    In the end, it is a mixture of pure chance, the man’s opinion and how the woman bears herself. You can woo without seeming like a whore. But you have to be smart enough to chase while giving the man the illusion that he is in control 🙂

    Exactly..women can chase but while making the guy think he’s the one doing the chasing.

  2. ok, opinion,nothing wrong about me being chased by a dude, i wouldn’t blame him, sameway i don’t see nothing wrong with me chasing a dude worth my stamina,you wouldn’t blame me! lets just put it this way, its 2010 a lot has changed, a lot, the last thing you want is to lie to yourself,the best gift you would ever give yourself is being real to yourself,so if i want a dude, i don’t see him chasing me, i would not hesitate to chase him, i don’t wait for no silver platters,i get them,so if that is desperate, call me that, at the end of the day i see what i want i go for it and i love it that way!

    @mediamadnessk, suck it up!

    Some guys need a little encouragement to realize it’s you they want, what’s wrong with a little chasing? Of course if after a while you realize he’s not interested, you leave him alone. At least you tried.

  3. Now, I find it unacceptable that a woman would lower her standards and go and hunt for men! If you’re ‘ugly’ then do it cause they’re not coming – but if you have reasonable looks respect yourself and wait for a man to come FOR YOU. Yesterday was just weird, it showed desperation.

    Is it really lowering of standards? Unless the guy is beneath her standards..most girls chase guys of their standards. Even beautiful women can chase..and ugly to one man is beautiful to another. You’ll be surprised ‘ugly’ women get chased a lot!

  4. i do agree with @savykenya on this,i would go after a dude if i love him,this not lack of respect or being desperate as @mediamadnessk putting it.this is another era we should not only wait to be chased,what if the one chasing i don’t like and the one i love is not chasing,i will go after him

    Sometimes the guy who is chasing after you is the one you don’t want. You have to take matters into your own hands.

  5. I have never been chased and seeing my BT status, I would enjoy it very much. For a change, it gives men opportunity without the risk of time wasting. Only con I can think of is that one of the man being jilted after being used, but it also happens when men chase women. I guess this is the new age and both genders have equal opportunities. With that thought, ladies please come and chase me.

    Or if you don’t like the chaser…women can always sense when you are not into it, so they’d probably leave you alone then. But if you are up to..I don’t see why you would reject an offer from a woman for a coffee date, to begin with.

  6. In all honesty, seeing as to how most guys can’t pick up on hints and suggestions, sometimes a girl has to put ‘being a lady’ aside and go for what she wants. If you sit pretty on your throne expecting that everything will turn out rosy, you definitely live in lala land!

    I totally second that…

  7. looks like we won.seriously some guys dont have a chance meeting women unless they’re chased.also by saying a woman cant chase is saying the woman doesnt have the right to choose what she thinks is right for her.its just a matter of everyone being allowed the freedom to pursue the choices they make

    Maybe as I said..some men like to be chased, others like a little flirting, while others are hunters extraordinaire!

  8. Yes, we won. But somehow, I think we have always won. Times keep changing, and every woman has to know what she wants. If you want a certain career then go all out and get it. If you want the man, for the right reasons, your reasons, go out and get him, whichever way, as long as it is fair game, and not some stalker game.

    You are right..definitely no stalking which is different from chasing.

  9. Been chased.A lot.
    nothing unusual about it..after all it’s the age of ‘Shameless Self Promotion’.

    *I think you can now leave a comment on my blog.

    really chased? Please share your experiences.

  10. Interesting topic. Mediamadness seems to be seeking what is not there, and finding it. Imo

    Perhaps he did find what he was looking for.

  11. I don’t like being chased but I apreciate a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. If a woman is going to chase me, let her be easy about it and let me make the choice. Give me the signal and let me do the chasing, if I don’t chase then I’m not interested.

    If you don’t get the signal..she is allowed to prod you a little more, right?

  12. @mediamadnessk is young, experience will teach him that there is nothing wrong with being chased by a woman. If a woman fancies a man and you haven’t noticed her or you are being slowed about it why shouldn’t she make a move?

    hear hear…hope mediamadness is reading this.

  13. Mmmh i love chasing men because the guys i groove dont choose me, i choose them.
    There is nothing wrong with a guy being chased by a mama.
    Watch out,i dont fancy guys who hit at me but i adore the ones i do the chasing.
    so relax this chance comes but once!!!!

    only by chasing can you get what you want…

  14. It’s to chase. Times r changing.

    yeah..go with the flow.

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