The Diary of an Intern

I apologize if I have had no internship stories to tell….the stories are there, but I realize they are not mine to tell. I could get sued, you know, now that am famous.

A day cannot start until I have snoozed the alarm at least three times, jumped out of bed in a panic and be on the dusty road (I know soon we will have a superhighway, but now it’s just a dusty mess). The fight for matatus begins. Because of the mega-traffic jams in Nairobi, most matatus will not reach the city center. Lucky for me, I don’t work in town.

So having elbowed my way into a mat (which I don’t actually do…but who’s to judge…), and settled in, I get out my phone to start early morning tweeting (on twitter, just in case you thought am a bird now). Almost always, the radio is tuned to Classic 105.

Mwalimu King’ang’i : Na unayua huyo mtu nilimweleza…

Maina: Heee heeee haaaa…

Mwalimu King’ang’i: Nakwambia huyo mtu..

Maina: You guy…heeee..haaaa..ha ha..uii….

Mwalimu King’ang’i: Nikamwambia

Maina: Uuuiiii hauiii haaaa haaa heeee heeee haaaa heee

Then the tastiest githeri advert comes on, so I plug in my headphones and listen to Breaking Benjamin screaming Dear Agony. Oh, the agony of public transport. Unfortunately for me, my (not so ) old man works in the opposite direction. Soon, we encounter a bumper to bumper situation. Fortunately for me, am in a matatu. The most recklessly driven vehicles. On earth. It feels like we are in a safari rally. We take corners, shortcuts, create our own roads, take diversions into estates with no roads, through fields, valleys and hills, and eventually join the main road after much dust.

I give up at tweeting because I cannot read while bouncing around. Most of my clothes are black…so am not worried about looking like I walked all the way from home. I switch on the computer and other accessories (like printers get my drift), stare out of the window (ok, not true but below is a view from my window over lunch hour day dreams), then log in to my gmail, twitter (they haven’t realized it’s the new FB so no one frowns much), blog (so I can see who’s commented then read their blogs, then get links to more blogs etc..) and am ready to start my day.

View from my office

Soon, workers from other departments will come, wanting some IT services or other. Young and old, cute and normal looking, mean and nice….which reminds me, because some of those senior people have been so nice, I had no idea they were so senior. I may have told big big boss to wait, so I can finish with big boss, and you see, the order of things is, big big big boss first, big big boss next, big get the drift. No matter who arrived first.

I’ll get called to sort out some issue..or help set up laptops/projectors for presentations and stuff. At the end of the evening, it will be my responsibility to un-set up. At which point I may pick one or two sweets leftover. I confess. So you see, I can help the cleaning crew trash the remaining stuff. Oh, whom am I kidding? Who wants to see sweets go to waste?

In-between, I may get called to test some in-house developed system or other. I may take one or two cups of tea or coffee. Flirt with an intern or two. Make friends with one new person or other. Go out for lunch (or fruits) with my skinny and not-so-skinny friends. I may decide to teach myself something new with computers. I could chat with someone, or just read blogs. My day is varied. I could also get sent to pick up stuff that boss forgot somewhere. Am happy to go…some stretching of legs and taking in the scenery. This is one of the greenest places in Kenya. I’ll put up a non-descript photo soon, watch this space.

The day ends..the working part. So you realize that what you are taught in school may not be what you are doing, but you know you’ll get there someday. A positive attitude will go a long way. So you say bye to your twitter friends, pick up your friend from the department downstairs..and by 5.20 p.m. latest, you are signed out.

You are in no hurry to take a mat this time…so you bargain with the conductor.

“Home ngapi?”

“Hamsini..fifty”. You frown, move back..

” 40 basi, kalia madam..”


“Ingia gari…”he opens the front door. I smile and plug in my headphones. Time to check my facebook. I made a promise not to FB at work. Nothing in the inbox. Dusty bumpy road…oh, who’s going to do my laundry? Me, of course. It was a rhetorical question.

As I walk to the house from the stage, I admire the clothes by the roadside. I see a really nice skirt. I ask the price.

“Ngapi?” I put its value at Kshs. 150 at most.


“Na mwisho?”


I turn back without a glance and contemplate the flight of stairs facing me.

Weekends…that’s a story for another day. But here’s a pic I took on a very dangerous bridge while looking for a swimming pool this last Sunday.

beautiful waterfall at the dangerous bridge

Went to two places, found two similar notices of lack of water.
Place 1

Notice 1

Place 2

Notice 2


5 Responses

  1. You seem to be basically having fun during your internship. I probably envy you.

    Listening to the two MKs is a definite no no. They spew out so much dirty linen you wonder why they even washed it at all.

    Speaking of which, your ‘to chase or not to chase’ blog was almost MK like!

    Yep..I always listen to my own music in matatus with the MK’s. But I did not intend mine to be the same…almost doesn’t count.

  2. “So you realize that what you are taught in school may not be what you are doing, but you know you’ll get there someday. A positive attitude will go a long way.”I couldn’t agree more.Am currently working on the implementation of a totally new groupware that i have never heard of b4.

    At least it’s challenging…and am sure it’s programming, something you are into.

  3. ok here’s a comment… now read my blog!

    are you bribing me with a comment?

  4. No programming involved only client-server configuration. A very tasking task indeed.

    can we trade places?

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