Mariga's Gal

The couple in coast

The couple at home?

Looking like a sportstar

Anyone still doubting my paparazzi skills?


11 Responses

  1. knowing footballers this is number?

    Knowing Mariga, this is number one.

  2. That was his girl..i.e. b4 fame…now get us the latest snap.

  3. Eti pap? Know wat? She was dumped on Sato. Kawaida yetu…

    How do you know she was dumped?! Which she wasn’t.

  4. I know her. A former Daystarian..actually once did group work with her…Nice Rwandese….

    Yeah..small world it is.

  5. aliangukia….kuna slot 2,3,4….niko ready kula maisha!!!

    slot 2 is already filled by can take any other πŸ™‚

  6. I refuse to comment coz I have no idea who this Mariga guy is……should I feel guilty ? Ashamed? Or normal?

    Google him..he is now playing for Inter-Milan after a deal with Manchester City failed. He is Kenya’s most famous footballer right now.

  7. Hope she can learn Italiano-FAST!!

    Her FB updates are already in Italian.

  8. I’m Lovin It.

    Can you believe someone was saying ati the photos are shady?

  9. I refuse to google him, I hardly have time to blog,that’s a lot. And hitherto, Kenyan footballers inspire one thing in me: shame!

    Well, he’s one footballer who’ll make you proud. He’s playing in Seria A, which means he has talent. Only thing wrong with our football is the politicians running it, but I think talent is there.

  10. […] in the finals. Please don’t go asking who MacDonald Mariga is, but just in case check out this link. Then google him. He plays for Inter Milan […]

  11. […] time in a long time, Kenya won! The final score was 2-1 and the winning goal was slotted in by McDonald Mariga. He then went on to remove his shirt and was given a second yellow card which meant he had to leave […]

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