Mind Your Garbage

One day I was in a matatu ….ok, this is not the way to begin this story. Am always in a matatu..it’s my daily means of transport. So on one of my daily journeys by matatu, I decided to sit in front, left. I think this is the most comfortable seat, and the one in the middle is the most uncomfortable. Am referring to the 14-seater Nissans. Not the mini-bus matatus.

Anyway, this gentleman in a suit decided to take the middle seat. He had on his religious white scarf on his head (mkorino…what’s it in English?). He carried with him a paperbag whose contents I did not know until the matatu started zig-zagging out of town. Out he took this big bottle of Yoghurt and a straw. I dont know about you, but there is just something odd about a man in a suit with yoghurt and a straw. It’s like a man in a suit chewing gum, or licking a big lollipop.

While we were nearing campus, the gentleman having sucked the life out of the bottle, he casually leaned into my face, extended his arm out of the window, and threw the bottle, the straw and the black polythene paper into the grass. I couldn’t believe it. I looked at him, hoping to see…shame? mortification? regret? But he was just casually glancing around.

There are many people who irritate me. Those who mispronounce my name. I’ve been called Sevvy..etc, the women who will take the whole sidewalk and you are in a hurry, those who call me mresh, the list is endless, but the worst are those who throw garbage anywhere.

I know I cannot save the world. And am not trying to. I just feel if everybody took responsibility for their own garbage, the world would be a cleaner place. I can’t believe I was so mad at that guy, I could not give him a lecture there and then.


9 Responses

  1. It’s called being responsible, few people are…

    I always feel like giving them lectures on environmental responsibility!

  2. True Dat.

  3. Oh, i know what you mean! My friends know they cant just throw the airtime credit card anyhow after toppin up their phones when they are with me..

    Me neither..sweet wrappers, banana peels etc…my friends I give them lectures, strangers, I give them the disbelieving ‘eye’

  4. stupid man!!!!!!!!! he should know this slogan which is known by my 3year old kid. keep Kenya tidy!!!!!!!!!

    Yaani disbelief was written on my face…he couldnt wait until we got to a dustbin?

  5. its worse when you see a grown up telling their kid to throw rubbbish out of the window…the kid will end up like the bloody grown ass!!

    Children need to be taught this from an early age..

  6. You know you are in kenya when you are in a public vehicle and some1 is noisily eating a bag of chips, throws the plastic bag out the window-(pray God it doesnt lose direction and flies back on your face).. and finally that someone goes ahead and uses the seats to wipe his/her oily hands, A whole bunch of disoderly pple.Welcome to Kenya..hakuna matata!

    Or someone with groundnuts, banana peels and all the waste goes out through the window! We really need to clean up our act.

    I wish someone comes up with a Kenyan version of how clean is your house programme..you wud be shocked if you followed pple in their homes, like say that schupid mokorino dude, some of this behaviours will make some pple miss the doors of heaven!tsk.

  7. I try to move with my garbage most of the time, so I guess I am not one of those you will look at with the disbelieving eye.

    Worse than those who throw garbage around are the spitters. I hope you can tell people that as they move with their garbage…they can also carry their spit along till they reach a loo or something.

    And those who spit out of the matatu window!

  8. You are, right, this is not a matter of just that guy coz there are thousands like him,it is our environment and we have a long way to go. I once told a guy ” hey you did not have to throw that piece of paper like there is a bin a few steps ahead!!” He replied that someone cleaning will be there in a few hours, I asked him to think twice. But above, there seems to be no cleaning men.

    Kwanza in Kenya…you’ll hardly find cleaning people..

  9. It happens a lot and its annoying. I have a neighbour used to throw non-organic waste in a shamba behind our apartment block. I didn’t tell him anything coz he is such an ass but i told the landlord and he made him stop. Our environment is a part of us and we should preserve not kill it by littering with plastic bags and other such waste.

    If only everyone thought like some of us..

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