Internship So Far

Recently, I got a FB message, from a classmate. He suggested we meet and catch up. I was all for the idea…I was going to reply when it occurred to me my credit was over. Safaricom reminded me of this a few minutes later: “Your balance is low again at Ksh 0.00 Please top up with Bamba 5 or request credit advance. Dial *131# now!” Well, credit advance cannot surf, and I can’t bring myself to buy Bamba 5 or 10. So I replied the following day at work.

We met up, after a flurry of messages debating on the venue. Guys refused this joint, saying it’s too cheap. We are working class people now…move on to bigger and more expensive things. You wish. This comes from an intern who is not being paid…but never mind.

View of Nairobi Streets from the 'cheap joint'

We eventually met at er..another joint where over pizza and soda, we caught up. Where are you doing your internship? How much are you being paid? What happened to those relationships you were pursuing in school? Have you heard from so and so? Where are the rest of our classmates doing their attachment?

Turns out some of us are doing attachment in places where they have no access to computers! And they call themselves computer scientists! Not that the rest of us are any better…in terms of relevance. We heard of those who wash dishes (don’t ask), those who are teaching (from 7am-6pm), those who have to make phone calls…few of us are doing jobs that are really challenging or fulfilling. Or relevant to what we are studying in school. Welcome to the real world.

There is a flip side to this though. There always is a flip side to any story, no matter how credible. If you are hoping for a lecture on the importance of gaining experience at the work place…well, it’s not what I had in mind. Just read on…things that excite an intern

i.) Automatic doors- this are those that open only with swipe of a card. You feel oh so important when you swipe the card and get swallowed up into the room, looking around at the visitors who have been made to wait to make sure they see you with the privilege of the card. This also applies to those doors that read: “I.T ONLY.”

ii.) The cleaning lady/guy: not in the way you are thinking. One of my friends had his phone also wiped clean as the lady thoroughly wiped his desk. Am thinking she has a crush on him. Even his phone? What next, tell him to take off his shirt so you can launder it? But he was excited to no end.

iii.) The tea guy/girl. Starts to feel kinda important to have someone pour your tea every day, after they have learnt how many sugars etc…not all of us have the privilege, we pour our own tea. I do know of other interns though, whose work description includes pouring tea for their bosses.

iv.) The monthly cheque. The money is quite little, that’s for sure. The highest paid intern earns 16K per month, as far as I know. But still, a cheque is a cheque. Or brand new notes. You feel like photocopying them and framing them…your first salary.

Feel free to add more…

P.S. Have the police changed their uniform?

Note the khaki coloured pants and the gumboots in January. Cop 1

On Another Day


5 Responses

  1. Getting all the work heaped on ya.
    I remember someplace i was last year and i did work for three guys, without a single number added on the sorry check.
    I did it for my C.V.
    And passion.

    The things we do when on internship….I have no problem doing the work, but senior people’s attitudes irk me sometimes.

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  3. our popos wear white…ghastly. She wiped his 4ne? ha, we guys have it hard

    I take it popos are the cleaners…..they don’t wipe your desks clean?

  4. nice. hey am in jkuat n we just publish digital magazines and flipbooks for fun. u seem like an interesting writer so holla if u r interested in representing ur work in a creative way. digital mags also feature videos….. san andreas georgy @ facebook. thanx

    Will try to find you on interested, email on the way.

  5. That is a traffic cop, the kind that rides a motorbike. They wear that type of attire.

    I have since learnt.

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