Unlikely conversations

I went to pick my payment from Moneyman. He was serving someone, so I waited. When he was through, he turned to me:

“Savvy, you could have picked it yesterday….”

“Yes, but I found a long queue here yesterday…”

“Or maybe you have a rich boyfriend?”


“You don’t have a boyfriend?!”

“No, I don’t.”

“Are you sure? With all this beauty, you want to tell me no man touches you?”

Good to know I have ‘all this beauty’.

Laughing now…Moneyman is like that. He is very social.

“Touch what? No, I don’t have.”

“You know ladies need someone to touch them..” he turned to another perplexed intern who had been there all along, all the while gesturing to imaginary boobs.

“Either you have a rich boyfriend, or your parents are very good because you were not in a hurry to pick your money.

“Rich boyfriend? It’s hard to get a rich boyfriend my age.”

“That is why you come to us….sisi wazee. Have you heard what she has said?” He asked the even-more perplexed intern. This particular intern is very softspoken. Am sure he’s shocked by this conversation.

“You know these young ladies….they will make you leave your wife. Si ati wewe ndio umemshika, amekushika! They watch these pornographic movies and are very skilled. They know where to touch you so…you can…so you can…” he turns to the intern to complete for him the sentence.

“ feel nice?” the intern prompts. Moneyman then weighs the reply, and finding no better, shrugs and says, “ feel nice.”

“So you don’t have a boyfriend?” He turns to me again.

I don’t answer and head for the door.

“Wait…come, let me ask you a personal question.” He lowers his voice.

“Are you a virgin?”

Gosh, this man has no limits.

“what…no, I will not answer that.”

He laughs knowingly…then he tells us of this story of a girl who had lied to him that she was a virgin, until things reached a critical turn, then she sent him a text telling him, this would not be her first time. by things reaching a critical turn, I hope I know what I mean, because if you don’t, I don’t have the liberty to explain it to you like Moneyman did.

At this point, I turned the door knob and left, shaking my head in disbelief.


9 Responses

  1. This Workland has more drama than Chelsea Football Club.

    Ati umemshika, amekushika! Too much ‘shika shika’ business. You know the term ‘mshikaji’ actually refers to that, I think.

    Plus there are no skills people learn in porn movies, innit?

    I wouldn’t know about the said skills….am not a porn watcher. Am afraid I’ll get addicted!

  2. wel,ths is a story replicating in most places with the married the umarried al after interns.dunno if its fresh blood…bt surely thse pple who come up with fishy talks outta nything wananiscare pia!!

    this guy is actually quite harmless, I think….but the stuff he talks about!

  3. lure of the untaken woman

    the lure of young blood and young nubile bodies is more like it

  4. old people who use unflattery and unflirting ways to try catch ur attenition and flirting doesn’t exist to them…bedding does…sick!!

    you would think they’d be more subtle..

  5. Your posts make my day

    am glad..it’s my pleasure.

  6. Savvy, been following your blog. Bumped into it accidentally actually.. yeah, like bump can mean anything else.. Anyway, nice stuff you’ve got.. I think I’ll be a regular. Would appreciate a whole day of work?

    A whole day spent daydreaming of what to write and then writing it down? I would like it….thanks.

  7. Savvy, been following your blog. Bumped into it accidentally actually.. yeah, like bump can mean anything else.. Anyway, nice stuff you’ve got.. I think I’ll be a regular. Would appreciate if you check my blog. here:

    will take a look…

  8. Ppl who like virgins r pervy. Even wen I was a virgin I used to tell ppl I wasn’t.

    When you are a virgin..you just have to let people think you are not. It’s easier that way.

  9. Men like him give the rest of us a bad name. It’s sad that his game sometimes works but that is life i guess.

    maybe some are into his game..definitely not me. But he’s amusing.

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