I am not the world’s fittest person. I used to jog once in a while, back when I was in school…anyway, where I work, it has complete sports facilities. Name them, we got them. From monopoly, chess, to table tennis, squash, to gym and aerobics, to swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi. Never mind the latter two don’t work. Only thing missing is massage and personal arrangements can surely be made for that. πŸ™‚

I love swimming. This one Saturday, I was determined to swim no matter what. What this time happened to be was drizzling when I changed and dived into the pool. Not dived per se, more like jumped. It did not deter me from doing a few laps (you know, taking plenty of rests in between.) I then braced myself for the jump from the diving tower…some 3m, 5m and 8m high. The highest I could jump from was 5m. Let alone dive. But that is a story for another day.

After the pool, and since it was cold, I headed for the sauna. I met E taking a break on one of the sunbeds in the waiting room. I was still dripping wet and was thirsty, so I lay back to chill out. She made a call:

“Buy half a Kg of meat…no, wait 3/4 Kg. And some tomatoes.”

Then she looked at me smiled, and remembered something else.

“Also buy onions…and green pepper. Some coriander too..”

I was just finishing my glass of water when she called again.

“And cook ugali..for 5 people. you can cook ugali, right? Am coming…saa hizi tu.”

Then she turned to me:
“Aki sauna inachokesha.” I nodded. Then I sauntered to the sauna and lay back on the hot wooden er..lying-places. She came in and peeled away all the lesos, and stark naked gave me her life story.

I know you are supposed to dress lightly for the sauna, but stark naked! I’ve never forgotten that life story. Everytime we meet, her naked body flashes before my eyes, her life story runs through my head again, all this before we say hi and part ways.

I haven’t been back to the sauna since.


7 Responses

  1. LOL!!!! Pole sana – reminds me of my pal – Ben – I go to visit him and while I’m watching TV – he comes to the sitting room and starts drying himself mbele yangu – ati cause hataki kumiss news!

    LMAO, your friend is a strange one. Ama he’s just comfortable in his own skin.

  2. LOL! I can imagine the shock on your face. But that’s how it goes in the sauna and steam bath. . . Stark nakedness. You get used to it. πŸ™‚

    I never realized so many people are comfortable in their nakedness, I should start too ..

  3. LOL….ati everytime you meet her naked body flashes before my eyes…well i learnt that in saunas stark nakedness is the usual state and the unusual is if you can’t get naked there

    maybe I’ll get used to it..hope I don’t become a nudist.

  4. I have a sauna-treat with my girls this month. I have never been to one…so I am pretty excited about it let’s start from there). I threatened to go stark naked when we reach there……am telling you I have never seen people back out of a plan so fast. My friends are prudish!

    Nakedness is the order of the sauna..just shock them when you get there!

    Of course I was only joking, because even I don’t want to see myself naked…and plus I was in a very strict high school where even if you shower with someone like I used to see some people do….you go home for suspension!!

    We need to be comfortable with our bodies..was also in such a school. maybe we should do this together πŸ˜‰ hold hands through the experience.

    I am telling you even I would have flashes of the naked body of that girl… you need to educate me….when you go to the sauna, there’s a room for ladies, and a room for gents, right? Just so I don’t get shocked.

    Yeah, there should be. Or there are sessions, like one evening is for ladies, the next is for guys etc.

  5. Jo!
    Hiyo ni story- kutembea ndethe iliwanga kawa high school lakini after hiyo, kuna boundaries mtu nguyaz!

    Kwa sauna hakuna boundaries.

  6. you are very very expressive. its a good thing though. it makes my day

    thanks, you make my day too, when I get such comments.

  7. lol, power of imagery. with the image, you will never forget the life story

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