Highway Romance

Shot 1

Shot 2



8 Responses

  1. Savvy,you are mean, mean, mean!!

    Heh, you should go to ILRI roundabout on Sato or on Sunday…I passed there one Saturday last month….oh my goodness!! You will be shocked.

    I doubt I can be shocked…but am not being mean. Next time I’ll let them pose, and tell them I’ll print a copy and send it to them. Havent seen them since. Btw, did u go to the sauna? Please recount the experience.

  2. Hii game hainanga rules.
    Nice Paparazzi shots.

    Thanks..wish I had a better camera though.

  3. at least they are close to nature…

  4. Hmmm.


  5. Are you sure you’re not jealous?

    maybe a little jealous..who wouldn’t want a roadside lover?

  6. still on the paparazzi work…we need more of these shots with more drama.
    i cant agree more with Mama that roundabout on sunday with people dressed in their ‘sunday best’ becomes a smaller uhuru park

    I should do such a paparazzi post one day..go around capturing people in various amorous acts!

  7. thought it’s a no-no to tune a chick by the roadside! lol

    no boundaries when it comes to love…

  8. Sex girls nude wallpaper

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