Did something go wrong? No. did something change..definitely. I have lost something, but I have gained too. I have spent days trying to write this post. I have started at least 7 drafts, all of which I have discarded. So I have finally decided that that story will write itself when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I have remembered a promise I made..(this was as I was going through my old drafts, searching for inspiration) “. For the next few weeks, stories on this blog may or may not have much to do with the campus life, but the campus girl out there in the industry will not let you down. There is a lot out there.”

There is a lot out here. I wrote about my fellow interns, they found out (am not so anonymous after all, okay, blame it on my inability to keep secrets), they got mad and they are not speaking to me. That’s okay because am not speaking to them either. But I did apologize. Before going mute on them. I realize I shouldn’t be writing about workmates so much, this could get me in trouble. No more dissing them. Hope I can keep my promise.

This internship has been a learning experience. Like duh, of course. I still have about two weeks to go. I have made so many resolutions: to learn this and that when I go back to school, to wake up early etc. I start most tasks with enthusiasm, but the fire dies somewhere along the way. I guess it’s called being human.

Have you noticed I’ve rambled a lot? This post is one of the most random ever. It has something to do with that story that refuses to be told, I think I have had a writer’s block the whole week, so instead I redeemed myself with some photographs, and rather than admit I have been unable to write, I decided to do a random post. Let’s hope I have a juicy story for you next week.
(Staind ~ Could it be)


3 Responses

  1. Hey, however the internship thing is going/ coming…
    Dig into life and be joyful…

    will do that too…thanks.

  2. i think though it was sketchy it gives us the idea of bein innovative in wat we do.
    kip it up!!
    i really like ya blog!

    thanks…am trying to do my best.

  3. it highly appreciated, your effort, to try and have something for us this this and we hope for a better one next week. kip up the good work of being innovative! Kenya needs minds like yours 4 it 2 excel!!1

    wow…this will sure keep me on my toes.

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