The Kottet Idea

I met 5 of my former school mates, five years later, on the same day. But not at the same time. Was this a coincidence or what?

I met the first one as I walked aimlessly in town, having passed by the same place twice. It’s a long story…the walking-but-not-seeing-where am headed. She was with her mum, so apart from the quick hug and what are you up to? Are you on FB and when are you graduating, we did not talk much. At least she didn’t get the chance to say, “Wow, you’ve grown!” Oh, the agony of having been small in my earlier years.

I wasn’t so lucky. Of all the many routes in town leading to a place, I chose this one. and who do I meet?
Yep, those three were some of my closest friends. We were in the same class. One was my deskmate. This time they were like, “deskie you’ve grown big. And you have hair!” I wasn’t totally hairless back then, I just kept it short. They are now in the same institute of higher learning. So I gave them the update on my life, I don’t think I gave them the chance to talk.

My classmates in high school

My classmates in high school

I told them about this idea we’ve been having with some of my other former classmates. We want to revive our alumni. We want to start a scholarship fund for those girls who are called to form one but never report due to lack of fees. We also want to start a mentorship programme. We are ambitious. I don’t want this to be just an idea, I’ve had ideas for long. Am going to put it into action, which is why today I’ve started this blog. It’s going to explain everything about it.

Anyway, having talked and laughed and caught up on our lives, and those of our former schoolmates (who has finished school, who has kids, who’s married…you’d be surprised), we parted ways. I went to the stage to pick a matatu home, and when I had waited long enough with none in sight, I went to another stage and took the first matatu I could find. I sat at the back, away from disturbance I hoped, so I could sketch my designs in peace. Just so you know, am working on designing a top that will take Kenya by the storm and a dress that will be worn by the next Oscar winner. Never mind I can’t draw.

Who comes to sit next to me? It’s Songbird, one of the best singers in high school. She must have won numerous awards at the national music festival. I ask her if she is still singing. I would have expected her to appear in one of the many talent searches, damn, I forgot to ask her if she auditioned for TPF or Idols. Trust me, she can hit the highest notes. She tells me she sings in the church choir. Anyway, we are doing similar courses, and we even share a unit and the lecturer though we are in different universities. What a small world. I told her about the idea, and how everyone seems in support of it.

Am thinking this was a sign. I have to put the idea into action. If you feel me, you’ll visit this blog and pass the word.


5 Responses

  1. OMG campus girl, i c u had quite some runins…glad itwas us, n most def al b on the front line of showing support 2 th mentorship program so glad i hit this first n i must say we do look gud in that pic…weas th rest of it!…lol…luvly!
    n u forgot the IT vs Comp Sci

    I didn’t want to be sued by the fourth party of the pic! That’s why I cropped it. I am counting on your support for the program to hit. Will keep you posted of the details.

  2. Uuuuh I like that you still call your high school deskie, deskie…For me it’s been 10 years now since we stopped being deskies, we still shout so loudly in the streets “deskie” and we try to meet as often as we can. I sat with the girl for four good years…she’ll never stop being my deskie. In fact you’ve reminded me….I need to call my deskie coz I have some hot goss for her.

    She was my deskie for the last year of fourth form but we had drama. We even fought once…

    I love the Kottet idea…you girls are really nice. I don’t have very good thoughts for my high school, in fact when I cleared I promised them am gonna go back and wee in their swimming pool. The administration made us contribute to build the pool (when we were in fourth form-third term!!) and I never got to use it…..I am so going to wee in that pool, you wait!!

    How will you manage to pee in that pool? Would love to see you try! I just feel like it’s time I did something and though I loved my school, am not one of those who wishes they could go back.

  3. maze!!campus Girl, you have won!!jus give us heads up on the strategy coz we are many and we r game.some of us have met noone since we clearred and seriously some are are memories that i dissagree should just go like that….we have enough memories to laugh at again and again that would take us a lifetime to complete…so whatever support u need….fill us in….love the pic….u guyz have grown…the Kottet idea is a master many schools have that goin on…big up and great week!!

    Am planning an informal meet soon, I’ll let you know.

    p.s)the Kottet facebook page is also a great mode of communication u know

    I posted the idea on FB too, I should have tagged all Kottetians. will do that next time.

  4. hey campus girl, enyewe it was fun running into you and for once l look good in a pic. we should most def run into each other more often, scratch that we all def need huk up its been long. count on my full support am game for the mentorship and sponsorship programme so jst fill all of us in on how we should go about it or the next step.

    will make sure I inform everyone. And u do look good in the high school pics that I have of you!

  5. Hey 🙂

    I love the idea….count me in!!!
    You have my e-mail address…

    And keep writing…

    PS Strange seeing familiar faces on a blog…

    Proud Kottet product
    Class of 200-

    Sent you an email already….will keep in touch. Off to read your blog.

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