Post Coital Depression

P what again? Yeah, I googled it. There is something like Post Coital Depression. Sounds like one of those wazungu diseases: ADD, DFD etc. Don’t ask what I was doing when I stumbled on it.

I would have thought the aftermath should be the best time but read this:

This is actually so common that it might be considered ‘normal’, although it appears to be more common in males than females. The French have a term for it: “Le Petit Mal” which means literally ‘Little Death’ and probably refers to the sensation that some males experience of being completely withdrawn and disinterested in almost everything – though this should not last longer than a few minutes.

Whenever you have sexual intercourse, at the end of the act you are supposed to have a develop a feeling of depression ranging from mild to intense. The technical termed coined for this is “Post Coital Depression”.

What could possibly cause this?

I don’t want to go into the chemical reaction and hormones explanation, it sounded boring. Even I didn’t finish reading it, and I read everything. Well, apart from the chemical explanation of PCD.

“the act of sex seems to bring two bodies together and link them and how duality becomes unity and togetherness and how, once the act of copulation is finished, the unity is lost, the links broken, leaving you feeling lonely, more lonelier than you were before you had commenced the act. It is like a dark night appearing darker still after a lightning flash.”

Intelligence may play a part too..

several highly intelligent people (Robert Silverberg, for one) seem to suffer from PCD

PCD could also be caused by a subconscious feeling of guilt.The men who were involved in extra-marital sex or the men who felt they were not sexually satisfying their partner have a tendency towards PCD.

So what then is post coital depression? Wages of sin?

Wait a minute, I thought the wages of sin is death?


8 Responses

  1. I did not know its called PCD.

    and reading through your post,i see its very common.

    has this happened to you? Don’t worry, am researching on treatment 🙂

  2. your ugly, no one wll eva luv u

    some people sure can’t handle PCD

  3. Thats why masturbation is a better option, your hand shall never leave you!!!!!!!!

    but if you feel guilty after masturbation, PCD could catch up with you.

  4. Eti PCD? Men are more prone to it? I thought they fall asleep immediately.

    who would’ve thought?

  5. does this hit pple in their sleep?

    maybe…I guess I need to do more reading on it. So many questions…

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  7. If these men did Kegel Exercises for men ( they wouldn’t suffer from post coital depression.

    Just my 2 cents.

    will check out those suspicious sounding exercises…

  8. kegel is over-rated

    and you would know…

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