A Happy Easter

Get yourself a Chinese BB this Easter!! They are cheap!!

My brother was catching me up on his life in campus. It’s a phase we all go through. The thrifty spending the first few weeks ago from home. He told us of introduction to cadavers and subsequent dissection, and how, by the time one is in their second year, the gloves are dispensed with and sights like brains-smashed-in are mundane. He says he rarely has time to even watch a football game, but the few times he’s free, and he’s met a girl and she’s awed that he studies medicine (“wow…you must read a lot. Medicine is hard), he’ll answer, “hard? No..you don’t even have to read a lot.” He wakes up at six and sleeps at midnight.

And that is my Easter plan. Time home with family. Which reminds of the day before good Friday. I got a weird text message:

“Ok, I get it u av a blog.i don’t get u av 2include MY BOYFRIEND in it AL E TYM.what r u,12?that’s obsessive complusv behavior n u shld b in a psyc ward. STOT IT!!”

I was so shocked. And excited. You know the way drama comes into your life, and while your life may have been peaceful and mundane and boring, something different happens. Am in no way saying my life is peaceful and mundane and boring. Am just trying to put a point across… since it was April Fools Day, I figured out someone was pranking me. And I was right. Because he/she texted a day later with:

“Swity,stop stress uaself.Twas jst an april fools prank,dnt even av a boyfy that u kno of 4u 2blog.ralax.enjoy ua time n av a fantabulous easter.”

So I asked her/him who she is. To no avail. I called, unanswered. Am just intrigued….could you please pick up your phone so I can rant?

At least mine was a simple prank. I heard of a friend who was told by the girlfriend to go to Thika, for you know what, and halfway there, she told him it was a prank. Imagine! And he had chosen to abscond his duties at work for some, you know, some. I don’t blame him, it was a particularly rainy and cold 1st of April.

Then there is also the conductor who called out half-fare charges to his destination. When the matatu was full, he said it was a joke and people had to pay the full-fare. He was beaten up.

Enjoy your Easter!!!


5 Responses

  1. Am telling you! The April Fools pranks need to be pulled off with some style. I was aghast at our local print media with their mixing of real life events some bordering on defamation instead of having something witty and creative. Hellon becoming the new head of Mungiki? Cousin Obama visiting? Our Ugandan frenemies giving up Migingo? Where is creativity? Oliech and Mariga giving out World Cup tickets? Antoine Hey back at Stars? My puke-o-meter just shot up that day.

    So please please. If you must prank, think BIG. Think smart and let people see the creative process.

    I totally agree..or do not prank anyone.

    So you have been including a boyfriend in this blog all the time? STOT IT!

    Clearly, crazy minds think alike. Or was STOT IT a coincidence typo?

  2. My friend was sent an 10,000 M-Pesa message and had called us all to ‘celebrate’ only to discover it was a forwarded message 🙂

    Happy Easter to ya too!

    Hope u enjoyed yours.

  3. i pity the conductor

    you don’t joke with people’s money!

  4. The conductor ameshinda. But kwani those passengers can’t take a Joke?

    How can you joke about money?!

  5. There is a reason why people don’t prank me…

    what would you do?

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