I have a confession to make. I have been in a relationship all this time. With one of my workmates. Her name is Angel.

All this came to light on the day of the curtains. It’s hard to explain. I’ll just have to try my best.

We work in the same office, we share everything..our life stories, food, jokes, music taste, even friends. So it was no surprise really, when we realized we had to do something about it. No, we did not update our FB status to reveal that we are not in a relationship. Perhaps we should have. It would have been less embarrassing than that day.

So when we couldn’t take the tension anymore, we rummaged through the old cabinet that holds all manner of files, toners, paper etc and found some curtains. We used them to shade the office….I mean, one side of the office is just glass and people keep passing by, all the while peering into our office.

Picture this…the curtains are up, the door is locked, the lights are dimmed…we are now past the no-going-back zone, clothes have almost started flying off (a few have even landed on the other side of the building) and then someone knocks. Loudly.

“Mbona ofisi imefungwa?” Knock! Knock! “Who’s inside?” KNock! Knock!

“Na hizi curtains ni za nini?” Knock! KNock!

We were in a panic. Other guys had started gathering and it was becoming a crowd now. Others were peering through any tiny spaces between the fluttering curtains.

This is the point Angel decided to go Jack Bauer style. She swung out the other windowed side,using the curtains on that side.

Left alone….I straightened my clothes, smoothed my hair and with a thumping heart, opened the door.

I met the astonished faces of about 10 or so workers, all trying to wonder what’s going on.

“What were you doing here alone?” One of them asked.

Should I tell them the truth, I wondered? I settled for a lie.

“I was watching porn.” I said.


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  1. savvy u r nuts … i would also be curious if one of the offices got curtained up, but if i was to do something evil at the office, it would be better to do it in the open, notice how people never notice something in the open …

  2. Very interesting…
    In the office!!OMG!that must have been one hell shot of adrenaline rush! Takes me by surprise though that I have never read in any of your blog about the girl-girl thingy..haha.
    Could be people reading your blog may judge you or view you in a different way but let him who has no sin cast that first stone i say. So is this you coming out or what?Just curious…follow your heart girl.

  3. The office wow talk about guts, still waiting for the rest. Hope it’s coming. So does this relate to your previous blog on “The First Time”? Just asking. Hope this is real.

  4. Sometimes NOTHING is the best answer.

  5. Walalala, talk about bi-curiousity. So is this a true story?

  6. really nice…am inspired to explore!!

  7. I read the whole post looking for some symbolism. None at all. Like Wamathai I ask, is this a true story?

  8. Guys,’s fiction. Imagination all the way!

  9. Fiction, right, not bad.

  10. Watching porn? You shud have given an answer that wud embarass the asker. e.g. changing tampon.

  11. I’m with @bomseh who by the way promised us a post.

    Love the fantasy though. Love it.

  12. Girl on girl – i didn’t even see the lab attendant coming over me!

  13. LOL!!

    Nice one Savvy!!

    Haha!! @Kellie and Bomseh LOL!!

  14. @Kellie, I know I promised a post-BT entry. Wacha I get enuf time. Hang in there.

  15. You are sure really savvy. You become interesting and funny in every article. Very creative.

  16. You really had me going there 🙂 Interesting story!

  17. Aaaah, how I wished this happened for real!! But niiice.

  18. craaaazyyy….n abt watching porn u nuts…i hpe its not an idea u contemplating(wldnt b shocked though:u adventorous)

  19. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sidney Ochieng. Sidney Ochieng said: Confessions of @savvykenya "I was watching porn.":-D […]

  20. Very funny.

  21. ha! totally got the fiction in this

  22. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

    I think you are a spammer, but just in case, thanks.

  23. hahahahaha @savvykenya

    true story? not really…

  24. The usual extent of people’s friskiness in the office is sitting on the copier and photocopying their butts. You just threw convention out the window … along with your partner lol

    she wanted to do a Jack Bauer move….then she left me to handle the mess!

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