The Story of My Life

I found myself taking a trip down memory lane…so here goes.

When I was one, I used to cry a lot. So am told. I don’t remember anything from that year though.

When I was two, I have no memories either. Who does?

When I was three, and had started speaking, I used to follow my mother to nursery school where she taught.

When I was four, I started school, and loved every minute of it. I remember racing with my brother to school, or was that when I was five?

When I was five, my brothers were 3.5 and 1 year respectively. I was still in nursery school though.

When I was six, I went to class one and learned to read. I was one of those kids were proud of because in my 7th, 8th, and 9th years, I was the perfect kid who played, came home in time and was number one every end of the term.Which I did throughout primary school.

When I was 10, my breasts finally showed. It felt so weird coz that time they were er…like big pimples.

When I was 11, I went to boarding school and hated it at first.

When I was 12 and 13, no major incidents in my life. I aced KCPE and went on to high school.

When I was 14, I happily reported to high school and went on to have some of my best and worst times. First form was a good year.

When I was 17, I got suspended for not attending church, I cleared high school the same year.

When I was 18, I finally got my first kiss. I started attending church, got baptised, the whole works. I also started blogging here.

When I was 19, I reported to campus for my first year, was very focused and topped my class that year. I also drank for the first time…I remember laughing for no reason, asking myself why am giggling and then giggling further coz I had no reason….

When I was 20, you can find most of my stories here

When I was 21 (heck, am still 21), I lost my wallet and ID’s twice! Lost one phone too, finally got paid for writing, lost my virginity (I know you are waiting for the blog post!), had my first working-at-the-office experience, got into a fight where I had my face scratched (I still got the marks 😦 )

When I turn 22 next week, I wonder what lies ahead. At least I’ve now found myself. Whatever that means.


13 Responses

  1. Awesome! Marry me! hehehe…

    Propose to me in er..5 years. I’ll say yes.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Savvy Kenya, Savvy Kenya. Savvy Kenya said: New blog post ~ The story of my life […]

  3. Interesting 🙂

    Looks like 21 was the breakthrough #youknowwhatimean…hahaha!

    So you’re an April baby as well. Pre-Happy Birthday Babe.

    thanks for the Bday wish.

  4. Wat an eventful life.

    still eventful..

  5. You know it is always difficult for people to write those ‘Life Histories’ that Kenyans think are mandatory at internment… but this is such a great guide.

    I have never heard someone say in the ‘Life History’ when another lost so many things… wallets, IDs, virginity, work-virginity and a fight!


    it was a year of great loss! thanks.

  6. Its official savvy is not a virgin,so people i hope you can now stop asking if she is a virgin and i remember a dude asking if ‘she got some’.Savvy welcome to the big league sis.

    now guys can get off my back…asking me if I got some,yes I did!

  7. Sounds like 21 was something! Happy Birthday in advance and I hope you will document 22!

    I sure blog is an open book.

  8. The virginity part was the most interesting for me… hehe. You are brave to reveal that, i think. 🙂

    I struggled about revealing it for almost 2 months…then I was like, what the heck? So here we are.

  9. Nice way of documenting your life and i can just say that 21 was one year of breakthroughs for you.

    Losing a fight? That is a new one that i have seen you put up 🙂

    Am never getting into another fight, so let’s just leave it at that.

  10. interesting…22 we r going to make more memories!!

    oh yes we will!

  11. Lol at breakthrough year. I’m sure pun is fully intended here. What can I say? Congratulations!!

    May the years to come be even more eventful, sans the fights of course.

    no more fights…..I never want to be in another fight again. Thank you. We’ll see how the year goes.

  12. I wonder if I can put my life in such a perspective. Well, we’ll see ama?

    of course u can….let me know when u do.

  13. Interesting … and yes, we want a blog about the virginity. Spare no details!!! Hehe

    maybe I will after a year…

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