I miss my friend

I miss my friend.

I miss the way we can communicate without words, the way we can stay in comfortable silence for long. I miss they way we can talk for hours and hours, everyday, yet not lack anything to say. What do we even talk about?

When we gossip, we call it honest talk. Or when we hate on someone’s outfit, and we wonder what people say about us.

I can be myself with you. I tell you just about anything. And you do the same…

I miss the way I can tell you to “eff off” and you call me an AH (a**hole)  and stick around much longer than you initially intended, because you realize the time am telling you to go away is when I need you most.

I miss they way we can decide to spend out last cents on ice cream! Thank God for MPESA, don’t know what we’d do if we got broke at the same time.

It’s so easy to be around you. You make yourself at home at my place and vice versa.

Am hoping to see my friend soon.


6 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sidney Ochieng. Sidney Ochieng said: I miss my friend by @savvykenya. I was gonna write something like this, I miss my bestfriend. http://bit.ly/bJYy7c […]

  2. This is so sweet.


  3. This is sweet…I miss my besties too they make the world a whole lot better

    they totally understand you…

  4. Aaaw!!

    Me too Me too!!

    at least am back in school…with my friends.

  5. cant wait 2 meet with the boyz…sweet this,savvy

    thank you.

  6. Is this a poem?

    it is whatever you want it to be.

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