Things to Do In My Last Year of College

So I have decided to make a list of things to do, seeing as it were we open school next week for my last year of campus. I’ll be among the oldest guys around…regardless of age. It all depends on how long you have been around…and four years can be a long time.

So here goes:
1. Date a younger guy. Am not sure about this though..perhaps I should call back my brother’s friends who have been sending me funny-funny texts. There is also this neighbour whose brother will be joining first year in my campus and she wants him to be shown around..hmmm…

2. Get a crazy hairdo. Am actually thinking of dying my hair burgundy, now that I couldn’t find purple dye. And a tattoo while at it. Maybe I’ll put up a pic.

3. Drink keg and muratina at nguka’s. Don’t even know where that is, but it’s high time I found out.

4. Make out in the library.

5. Decide absolutely my mission in life. Change it five times.

6. Visit every corner, nook and cranny of the vast(ish) campus.

7. Seriously become active in the few clubs I have joined.

8. Climb mount Kenya with those guys who announce the activity on the notice board.

9. Travel alone outside the country…am thinking Uganda soon.

10. Do an exam while high. Ok, maybe I wont risk an exam, but a CAT in a boring but easy subject.

11. Become involved in my college town. Complete a project that will benefit the local community.

12. Fall helplessly in love, get dumped, and recover. This just sounds stupid, I know. I picked it up from the internet. But what’s college without heartbreak?

13. Climb the water tank at Studiez: this is like the highest point in campus and I rem last year a couple of finalists climbed it. I was going to join them, but I was lucky to have even made it to my bed. Don’t know how wasted one has to be to do such a silly thing.

14. Tear down the papers at the main notice board…every Friday night, some idiot tears down the notices in a drunk and disorderly way, I guess in readiness for a new week or something. Will be an idiot someday.

15. Go for bowling…maybe not. Never seen the fun in it. Perhaps I’ll just play it on the computer.

16. Skinny dip in a pool somewhere.

And the list goes on and on….


29 Responses

  1. Looks like you’re going to have a fun year. best wishes


  2. Lol…………This makes me feel old. I dont even want to say when i was in last year at campus! Quite a long list. Good luck

    You can say what u did…I wont judge.

  3. Haha!!!! LMAO!!! I am so sure I had a similar list in my head a while back…hmm….were did it go?
    Ok, so youre tryna tell us that number 4 hasnt happend yet? (Like every friggin week over?)
    And for the last one…am sure there’s some too-willing guy out there waiting for ya….and then make no.12 come true just like that!!!

    Wish ya th best tho πŸ˜€

    thanks, and no, i havent made out in the lib yet. it’s a bit too public.

  4. 3, 8 and 16 are a must do. Unfortunately i have only done 3 out of those sinc i have never even learnt swimming.

    Have a fun last year in campus.

    you can make learning to swim your to-do this year.

  5. Haha… Nice list, I would suggest TZ instead of UG and if you actually achieve these things all in this year, u will be my heroine! All the best…,

    thank you. any help will be very much appreciated πŸ˜‰

  6. muratina has to be done…hmmm make out in the library…i’ll be there to witness n get some of my own probably :)nyce though hope u accomplish them all……u got my support!!

    let’s do it this year..your list can be my list. I mean my list canbe yours!

  7. Hey Savvy:- kind of a gud list but good you wrote;completely avoid some like tearing notices- unsuperb i used to wonder what somebody goz to do on a board n then gets the itch to tear it up…

    I wont know how I shall feel about doing it…but you see its already on the list.

  8. I can hook you up with muratina. I’m from Nyeri you know!

    You’re saying you’ve never made out in the library?

    They used to paka crushed bougainvillea in their hair. You may just get your shade of purple.

    Why does 16 sound so already done?

    Will I sound very very old if I tell you to take care?

    no you’lll be sounding like my mum. She tells me that every semester!

  9. Oh, the posters! In my school, i had the uncanny tendency of carefully plucking them and pinning them on the walls of my room! Room mates didn’t like but hey, i wouldn’t stop. πŸ™‚

    good luck.

    did u discriminate or any posters, including vacancy announcements?

  10. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

    I think u are a spammer, so I have removed ur links.

  11. Av actually been thinking of the same list but bado sijakam up wid one.But ad lyk 2 b around wen u do 13 so c uta hala on da d day.

    nothing like a buncha idiots scaling the studiez tank, you’re in!

  12. what happened to saving a life? Remember? πŸ˜‰

    I’ll do that after campus!

  13. there are many things on the to-do list for our final year count me to get u thru the hard ones that you can’t pull off alone…
    some extra ideas..
    1. do a naked mile.
    2. have a 3some.
    3. play a sport meant for the opposite sex.
    4. make out in public.
    5. finally, give a speech on a stupid topic, e.g disadvantages of safe sex.

    naked mile? Not yet.
    3some, am in.
    And which sport could that be? maybe baseball or rugby.
    Making out in public? yeah, let’s do this.
    And as for giving the speech, we’ll do it together, ama? to whom will we be speeching?

  14. Hey you sound like someone in my school, and class lol!
    Well i have done most of the things on your list and this year my list is even crazier. Iv dated a younger guy and well was fun,got a new tatoo and now am plannin on a new piercing next week before i do 8 with they guys plannin on doing it. 4 was really easy, maybe they should instal cctv in the lib. 9 fun but why not come down with me to south africa. 10 happened last sem after a crazy night out on thursday and sat the CAT on fri drunk. Lol! funny experience you’l have to log in to my blog page to read it yourself. 12 last two sems ago did that, 14 happened when in 1st year and 15, bowling is super fun but this year iv discovered street racin too and i hope i can enjoy both at the same time. 16, hehe that story on my blog too. Il surely make a new list for my senior year and yours is awesome.

    wow! it’s like u’ve lived the life. now, where is the link to ur blog?

  15. for the speech, am thinkin ass-hall.
    @switness… u sound intrestin n darin.. how about a picture of your tat?

    yeah..the pic of the tat, we want!

  16. Geez@ mr vanilla chocolate, seems you and savvy may be in my class and well if i post it you’l link it very fast back to me. Id rather jus remain anonymous.

    where is the link to ur blog?

  17. I totally have to do all this my first year!! Especially no 7 & 3.

    all the best! call me for any assistance.

  18. …buhahaha !

    glad I could make you laugh!

  19. […] from this list, this last year will be the year of settling down. Not in the way you are thinking, though I do […]

  20. hey i can help u with most of it done like half of it already

    sure, I’ll call on you then.

  21. well tell me your reall name coz i know you aint savvy and then il let you in on my blog that even my parents cant know i have not that they would even care but for now il jus let you in on my very nice blog with nothing other than poetry its
    then when i finally unmask you il let you in on the other one tho i think i might jus stick to bloggin here on redbutterfly

    Gimme a link to your other blog? Pretty please….. then I’ll tell u my real name.

  22. no 11 That’d be gash?

    yeah, and the surrounding orphanages

  23. […] P.S. In other news I heard nguka’s was closed. Now looking for a suitable replacement for number 3 on my campus to do list […]

  24. how many have u done so far?

    sadly not much on that list

  25. […] Things to Do in my Last Year of College was the first work by Savvy Kenya that I read. The last Year of College for the Kenyan Campus Girl, […]

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  26. what about make money,by starting a safe sex club.nt that u care bt too many donors,then jioni we cn have tha threesome with sme chipo,great blog hea

    you want to join me when i do the chipo? hit me up whenever!

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