AFC Leopards 1-0 Gor Mahia

On Tuesday night my lil’ brother called me.

“Savvy, are we going to watch to match tomorrow?”

Even before I could ask what match, what time, I had already replied, “No, of course not. Am broke.” Then I remembered I should first check my account, so I decided to do just that and wonder of wonders, it was not reading 0 as it has been for much of this month. So I called him back, and together with my other brother who is at home because his campus rioted, we headed to the Stadium to watch AFC Leopards maul Gor Mahia.

This was the first time I was watching a Kenya Premier League match. Not that I haven’t been to the stadium before, I have. During Harambee Stars games. Like this one. Or just search for Harambee Stars posts on my blog. Anyway it was also the first time I was watching a match under floodlights. I was a bit apprehensive, especially after being roughly pushed into the stadium by the security guys.

We managed to lose our lil brother in the melee, and some friends of mine with whom we had gone to the match. And oh my, isn’t it a nightmare trying to find anyone at the stadium?

“Am standing right here! Can’t you see me?”

“Where the hell is right here? I am on the other side. The left side of the main dais. Next to the guy in green wearing green with a red a vuvuzela.” You bellow into the phone, which is on speaker mode and right next to your ear.

“What?! I can’t hear you. Can you see the Superman guy? He is wearing Mariga’s shirt…just next to the AFC dancing band!”

“What?! I can’t hear you, lemme text you.”

“What?! Can you see me now?”

That is how the conversations went like so we decided to find each other after the game.

The match was quite entertaining. Gor Mahia missed a lot of chances, they played a better game but they just couldn’t score. And Blackberry, the player not the phone (George Odhiambo) really impressed me. The first half ended at 0-0 and we took this chance to find our lil’ bro.

Blackberry in an earlier match

My rioting-campus brother told us of how they looted stuff from the Student’s center during the chaos. One of his roommates came over with a whole carton of quarters of KK. (it’s a lethal drink, people, lethal. Only safe for campus students.) His neighbours were more thoughtful though…they carried bales of wheat flour, sacks of rice and potatoes. The following day, the yummy smell of frying mandazi and pancakes was wafting to their room!

Back to the match, AFC finally managed to score in the second half and the fans went crazy. Okay, the fans are already crazy! AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia have the most fanatic of fans! They danced around the stadium, taunting each other, lighting flares and singing all manner of songs, which I understood not! Am told the Gor fans sang a song with words like “get out of the way, Gor is coming through!” and when the Leopards scored, their fans sang a funeral song!

A view of the stadium

In attendance at the match was Our Kid whom I had to find after the match. You might want to check out Our Kid Foundation.

For more about the match, see NairobiLiving

P.S. In other news
I heard nguka’s was closed. Now looking for a suitable replacement for number 3 on my campus to do list


Rugby 101

So this Saturday, I was at the RFUEA grounds to watch the finals of the Bamburi Rugby Super Series, and like most people, I had little clue of which teams were in the finals. Most guys just come for the Tusker and for the after party (you got to admit the crowd has the hottest of the girls and the make-it-happen guys). It’s the norm to see people streaming into the grounds in the last 10 minutes of the game.

At least I know one or two things about rugby, unlike someone I know who is totally clueless as to what a try is, let alone a conversion. But do not despair, all you need to know is which team you support and then shout your wildest when you hear other people cheering.

We arrived in time to watch the final game, between The Cheetahs and The Rhinos. The Rhinos players are picked from Harlequins and another Nakuru club (I know, I know, I should do my research before I write but bear with me here.).

I was supporting the Rhinos, and not just because they thrashed the Cheetahs 25-5 (I can check out the results and the other teams here ). I was saying I also supported the Rhinos because of a friend who plays for the Quins.

Some people love rugby. Some love football. Others enjoy watching both, myself included. Saturday too happened to be the finals of the UEFA Champions League, a match I may not have bothered with if Mariga’s club wasn’t in the finals. Please don’t go asking who MacDonald Mariga is, but just in case check out this link. Then google him. He plays for Inter Milan now.

So Internazionale Milan was playing against Bayern Munich, and we left the RFUEA grounds to watch the match elsewhere in town. Inter won by 2-0, and I think I watched about 40% of the match. Anyway, if you’ve never heard of Mariga, at least you’ve heard of Oliech and we did run into him where we were watching the match.

So we posed for pictures and gave his manager our numbers. His manager then promised to hook us up with Mariga. Groupie club here we come!

My friend posing with Oliech

As you may have guessed, the post had nothing to do with Rugby 101, but I promise I shall give the lesson to all wanna-be rugby fans soon. Watch this space.

This baby thing

A friend made an observation. If you look at profile pics on FB of our age mates, it’s either a picture of a baby, or a picture of themselves with a baby. Funny thing is, my profile pic has me posing with a baby too! Well, I don’t think it helps matters that I’ve cropped the same photo for my twitter account.

My profile pic

Seems early twenties is the time when most women start wishing for babies, consciously or unconsciously. Others go ahead and get one, intentionally or unintentionally.

Either way, they say this is the best time to get a baby. One of the reasons is you’ll be back in shape faster (because you are young, I guess). Secondly, you’ll be done with rising young kids by the time you start your career. While your friends are walking around with extended bellies and wiping mucus from toddlers in the late twenties and early thirties, you are at the height of your career. I must admit you can’t argue against this premise.

So of course you may wonder, is marriage in the mix? No of course not, and even if it is, it is not likely to last. If marriage used to be something to look forward to, it clearly no longer is. So maybe this is the downside of getting a kid at this time. The father is not likely to be there 24-7, because the kid will most likely live with your parents while you go to school and establish your career.

And if you haven’t figured it out, the in-thing is to get just one child, because then it is easier to move on. Like in case things between you and your live-in boyfriend are not working out, it will be easier to go your separate ways if you just have one kid. So the trend is to have one child, and hopefully a girl so you can treat her like a princess and everything . (I didn’t get clear reasons why the kid had better be a girl, but there is also the fear that the baby daddy might want to hold onto a boy… I suppose this heir thing is still in our blood.)

Marriage at this age may not work, because said parents are not ready to settle down, come home in time for dinner every night and stop flirting with everyone around. The responsibility of the child will weigh heavily on them….mostly the ‘wife’ because she can’t go out every night, and most of the child care is left to her.

So, is it worth having a baby now? If you get pregnant now, you are due in Jan or Feb, way after you are done with exams. You’ll have got your degree and your baby.

The Awkward World of Hugs.

the friends hug

Back to school means seeing some of your friends that you haven’t seen in months. It also means renewing old acquaintances, trying to reignite sparks that existed with could’ve beens, trying to avoid meeting recent Exs on the paths for fear of awkward silences…..and thus enters the awkward world of hugs.

I know much has been said about etiquette, hugs and kisses. Am not trying to advice anyone…let’s just go through the motions of my day in these first first days.

I meet my best friends…this is my tight crew of about 8 of us. I hug them tightly..the long more than 10 second hug where you put your feelings on the line showing them just how much you missed them. This hug is reserved for just once a year….after the long holiday. After that, you only do the brief one second hug if you have to.

I meet up with a could’ve been. They get the long….long…did I say long passionate hug that could turn into something else in private. Eyes closed, deep breaths (trying to remember the scent? Maybe), sensual back rubbing may be thrown in, and suggestive whispering. You can be quite breathless when you get out of this embrace. Best you do it when you are not with your other company.

Then there is the jealous/attention demanding hug. This is kinda uncomfortable for the usee. You see, there is the user (the one using the hug to demand attention/make S.O jealous) and the usee, the one who is hugged. So you meet this guy with his girlfriend, and he hugs you like he’s a could’ve been (I hope you are following), yet you couldn’t be more than friends. Hopefully, the girlfriend doesn’t come after you with sharpened claws. Or if you meet a shocked classmate and you want to show your boyfriend that you are still in demand, you give him an extra long hug. Ah, am not really a fan of this hug.

The stranger hug can turn two ways. Stranger in that you are hugging a stranger or someone you are familiar with but haven’t hugged before.

The stranger-turn-awkward-hug. It could be a disaster. Some guys are so stiff you bother why you hugged them in the first place. Maybe coz you were hugging your friend and he/she was with them so you extend the love. Extend a hand next time. It’s easier.

The stranger-turn-nice-hug. You hug someone new and they return the hug with equal friendly measure. You bookmark them for future hugs.

The bro hug. The clasping of hands and bump of shoulder. I don’t get why guys have to hide feelings. Throw your arms around each other and get over with it. Kiss if you have to. You do it on the football pitch, so why not in the paths when you meet?

Did I mention the cold hug? The one that leaves you shivering, wondering why you ever decided to hug in the first place? The one with the ex, when you are not ready? Or the one with could’ve been’s current girlfriend. Or the one with the guy you really don’t like and he insists on it.

I almost forgot the two way hug, or cheek to cheek. I don’t like it either. But social decorum means I have to do it time to time.

Looking Back

Looking back

I remember my first year roommate M. By virtue of being in the same room, the four of us became like best friends. Then M decided she didn’t like her course and left to go do Medicine. So of course seeing her is a once-in-a-long-while affair.

Then there was Dizzy. He is an interesting character who too, seemed not to like the course he was doing. I don’t know if he failed to do his first year papers, or if he did them and failed. Either way, he left to go do something else in another university.

I met Dizzy through another good friend, who has deferred his studies so far. I don’t know what he’s up to of late, but at least he is playing again. And playing well… (Harlequins ring a bell?)

Sid was also another one who left to go do a different course in a different university….where he messed up and now he’s in yet another university.

Looking back over these four years, I’ve seen friends come and go, witnessed break ups and makes ups, been in fights and arguments…..I’ve almost been there done that.

Aside from this list, this last year will be the year of settling down. Not in the way you are thinking, though I do know a few fourth years who are planning on a husband and/or a baby on top of their degree. It will be a year of seriousness and focus. I wish.

The Sugar Daddy

There are even sugar daddy dating websites.

I am sure you’ve heard all those stories…once our HIV?AIDS lecturer ( a very interesting guy) told us of his UoN days, how they once stoned the cars of these very much older guys who used to take their girlfriends. He also told us how they used to watch porn in the TV room, and leave with hands in their pockets…I guess to wank in the privacy of their rooms. But that’s a story for another day.

The typical sugar daddy is over 40 years old, married, and rich. Or whatever else he is, however he may look like, he must be rich.

You are likely to meet him at the workplace, because let’s face it, you and he exist in different social circles. He will be professional and helpful at first. Then he’ll suggest lunches, probably dinners. He’ll take you shopping and to expensive places. And if he’s smart, he wont ask anything of you just yet.

He will begin to offer much more…like helping you gather statistics for your project, or lending you a hand in getting ideas, and even publish your idea in some journal or other. Eventually, he’ll offer you a job. If he has influence.

He wont stop there. So now that you are going back to school after internship, and he knows you live in “those filthy hostels” as he calls them, he offers to rent you a place. He tells you to look for a house of your own choice, and he will furnish and pay the rent for it. This is the point you begin to pay because he’ll be coming for weekends at your place, after telling his wife he’s headed for a weekend conference in Nakuru.

This is the situation someone I know is going through. I asked her where her conscience was all this time, I mean the guy is married and she has a boyfriend.

Out of Africa, she replied.

By The Swimming Pool

So we are back to school. Drink and party the first month, do CATS the second month, and start studying for exams on the third month. That’s the schedule.

As rainy as the weather is, I can’t wait to swim. Am still embarrassed to admit my campus does not have a swimming pool. How can you claim sports facilities without a swimming pool? It’s such a shame. For most of our swimming, we go to the nearby Senate Hotel.

So last semester, in the middle of exams, I went swimming alone. My friends couldn’t come because they were studying for exams, or washing clothes, or catching up with sleep…or whatever.

I was sunning myself by the poolside, my eyes closed in that state of almost-asleep yet can feel the sun, when I was suddenly carried and thrown into the water. I was so mad..I turned to the guy who had thrown me in (he had jumped in after me), but he was ready with an apology and ready smile. He then asked me to kiss him.

Ok, I didn’t because I was then in a relationship (which lasted all of two months 😉 ) Not that I was not tempted. It was a fun filled afternoon after that. We competed in swimming, dived in after coins, later he gave me his very white (xxtra points) towel to wrap myself in when it became cold, and when I didn’t give him my number, he found me on FB.

And who says campus guys can’t be romantic? Sadly, he’s out of session. Maybe next semester.