Plot 10

Plot 10. These plots exist in every estate. Just like Kisumu Ndogo, or Soko mjinga, or Kware….names that exist in every estate in Nairobi.
Plot 10 is the compound with shenanigans. Their life is full of drama, and conflict. They are gossiped all over the estate, in church, in the market, in houses. Not that I engage in gossip, but when a member of Plot 10 comes to your house and starts talking, you listen.

I’ve spent the better part of holiday at my aunt’s, who has a baby, Chelsea.

You know those regular visitors? Those who come at 8 am and leave at 5pm? Let’s call her Mama Stress, coz she comes in with this statement every morning, “aki niko na Stress!” which will leave her after generous cups of tea with bread.

Anyway, she’ll lie on the couch and regale us with tales from her plot all day. See, she lives with her mother-in-law (can you imagine!!), and her neighbours are cousins/brothers and relatives (double tragedy!!). Her MIL (mother-in-law) sells stuff by the road….and she gets mad if you don’t buy from her. She’s the one whose house-help slept with the brother-in-law in the kids bedroom. They were both kicked out the following day.

Neighbour 1: Her husband doesn’t believe her when she tells on sister and brother living with them, so she had to set them up. I didn’t get the details of their wrong-doing, I was probably tweeting away.

Neighbour 2: She’s heavily pregnant although everyone knows she
can’t afford to have a kid at this time. Her sister steals from her and gives the boyfriend the money to keep for her, but he went and bought shoes with it.

Etc etc. wait, there is one more story. Am I a part of the rumour mill now? Maybe. Perhaps this post should have been titled Gossip Girl. But I digress.

The story was told by Mama Stress, who is voting YES (in the upcoming referendum) because the main politician leading the NO vote apparently deserted his wife? Really, I asked. Yes, she was sure. In fact, the wife and kids are now in SA, and he’s now dating a certain famous gospel musician ( I hear she won artist of the year at the Groove Awards, but am not saying names here), and he’s currently financing her. Watagwan! This woman can spread rumours!

In Other News
Rasta finally said hi. He’s always by the road when I used to go to work in the morning, and sometimes in the evening as I left work. I don’t know what he does in-between. His name’s not really Rasta, I call him that coz of his dreadlocks. Am into dreads, FYI.

I met a fan of my blog and I promised her I’d give a shoutout. Her name’s Nthenya. It was a while ago at a tweetup- social meeting of tweeps- Kenyans on twitter, and she found my blog through my Zuqka mention. Am sorry it’s taken so long Nthenya, I hope you are reading this. Say hi to your bro, another fan! Am humbled.

(kumbe my bro had sneaked in these lines…let them stay) Finally my bro tells me how Chelsea will clinch the double am a Liverpool fan; so I fully support him;)


6 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sidney Ochieng. Sidney Ochieng said: Plot 10-gossip girl? By @savvykenya […]

  2. Enjoyed Plot 10 storos; I didn’t know they’re everywhere. My relas just moved out one a few weeks ago, so drama kiasi imepungua

    that was not even half the story!

  3. This piece is just awesome. I have just ROFL. This is a very good depiction of Nairobi living. Ati Mama Stress? LOL!!!

    aki it’s a true story.

  4. thanx 4 the mention dear. still a fan.

    you are welcome

  5. wah! kumbe its true the politician and the wife are no longer together and that gospel artiste is a home wrecker, gotta tell someone! 🙂

    funny how the grapevine works!!

  6. Been checking checking you up at wordpress but glad i patad u here.Im a mad fun.
    Kumbe that politician thingy n that gospel artist is twue.Kwanza word on the ground is that she is pregnant but who cares.And the politician started beatin up his wife wen wifey found out bout gospel artist then she took off with kids to s.a.
    I grew up in plot ten.And the gossip involved there was cwazy.U took me down memory lane.
    Cheers savvy

    You’re welcome. I am going to be here a while…promise not to change URLs.

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