By The Swimming Pool

So we are back to school. Drink and party the first month, do CATS the second month, and start studying for exams on the third month. That’s the schedule.

As rainy as the weather is, I can’t wait to swim. Am still embarrassed to admit my campus does not have a swimming pool. How can you claim sports facilities without a swimming pool? It’s such a shame. For most of our swimming, we go to the nearby Senate Hotel.

So last semester, in the middle of exams, I went swimming alone. My friends couldn’t come because they were studying for exams, or washing clothes, or catching up with sleep…or whatever.

I was sunning myself by the poolside, my eyes closed in that state of almost-asleep yet can feel the sun, when I was suddenly carried and thrown into the water. I was so mad..I turned to the guy who had thrown me in (he had jumped in after me), but he was ready with an apology and ready smile. He then asked me to kiss him.

Ok, I didn’t because I was then in a relationship (which lasted all of two months 😉 ) Not that I was not tempted. It was a fun filled afternoon after that. We competed in swimming, dived in after coins, later he gave me his very white (xxtra points) towel to wrap myself in when it became cold, and when I didn’t give him my number, he found me on FB.

And who says campus guys can’t be romantic? Sadly, he’s out of session. Maybe next semester.


14 Responses

  1. Awwwww

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Savvy Kenya. Savvy Kenya said: New post: By the swimming pool ~ […]

  3. Is this true? Sounds so…

  4. Yeah..all so true.

  5. Ooooh!!! Savvy has a cruush…Nanananaaanaaa!! 😀 😉

    I wouldn’t call it a crash, more like a remembrance.

  6. ….so “Awwww, thats so sweet”

    that was a moment….

  7. And you can’t get this guy from last semester out of your mind… I have a feeling you will be secretly looking for him. 🙂

    If we ‘accidentally’ bump into each other…

  8. Can’t wait to read how it will end.

    maybe it has no may be one of those unsolved things in life.

  9. White? White?

    White. Yes, white.

  10. So, have you met him again? Is he still as romantic? Has he taken you to those restaurants where food costs “campus hostels” for a semester? U said that.
    So you do swim…for real, less than two years ago, I would sink…
    Go to the Nairobi uni swimming pool, it made ma dream, an open air swimming pool is a paradise!

    All the pools I’ve been to are open air..nothing like feeling the sun and water at the same time! We haven’t had a date yet.

  11. Senate huwa na vituko, am not surprised!!! But u didnt talk bout his trunks…..

    Kwani you were there? And what interest do u have about his trunks….

  12. Romance oyee!

    we all need some romance in our lives…

  13. Campus guys can be romantic…SOME of them…new semester…sounds interesting.

    we’ll see how the semester goes…

  14. 🙂 another hopeless romantic, cute!

    I wouldn’t call it hopeless… there is some hope 🙂

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