Looking Back

Looking back

I remember my first year roommate M. By virtue of being in the same room, the four of us became like best friends. Then M decided she didn’t like her course and left to go do Medicine. So of course seeing her is a once-in-a-long-while affair.

Then there was Dizzy. He is an interesting character who too, seemed not to like the course he was doing. I don’t know if he failed to do his first year papers, or if he did them and failed. Either way, he left to go do something else in another university.

I met Dizzy through another good friend, who has deferred his studies so far. I don’t know what he’s up to of late, but at least he is playing again. And playing well… (Harlequins ring a bell?)

Sid was also another one who left to go do a different course in a different university….where he messed up and now he’s in yet another university.

Looking back over these four years, I’ve seen friends come and go, witnessed break ups and makes ups, been in fights and arguments…..I’ve almost been there done that.

Aside from this list, this last year will be the year of settling down. Not in the way you are thinking, though I do know a few fourth years who are planning on a husband and/or a baby on top of their degree. It will be a year of seriousness and focus. I wish.


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