The Awkward World of Hugs.

the friends hug

Back to school means seeing some of your friends that you haven’t seen in months. It also means renewing old acquaintances, trying to reignite sparks that existed with could’ve beens, trying to avoid meeting recent Exs on the paths for fear of awkward silences…..and thus enters the awkward world of hugs.

I know much has been said about etiquette, hugs and kisses. Am not trying to advice anyone…let’s just go through the motions of my day in these first first days.

I meet my best friends…this is my tight crew of about 8 of us. I hug them tightly..the long more than 10 second hug where you put your feelings on the line showing them just how much you missed them. This hug is reserved for just once a year….after the long holiday. After that, you only do the brief one second hug if you have to.

I meet up with a could’ve been. They get the long….long…did I say long passionate hug that could turn into something else in private. Eyes closed, deep breaths (trying to remember the scent? Maybe), sensual back rubbing may be thrown in, and suggestive whispering. You can be quite breathless when you get out of this embrace. Best you do it when you are not with your other company.

Then there is the jealous/attention demanding hug. This is kinda uncomfortable for the usee. You see, there is the user (the one using the hug to demand attention/make S.O jealous) and the usee, the one who is hugged. So you meet this guy with his girlfriend, and he hugs you like he’s a could’ve been (I hope you are following), yet you couldn’t be more than friends. Hopefully, the girlfriend doesn’t come after you with sharpened claws. Or if you meet a shocked classmate and you want to show your boyfriend that you are still in demand, you give him an extra long hug. Ah, am not really a fan of this hug.

The stranger hug can turn two ways. Stranger in that you are hugging a stranger or someone you are familiar with but haven’t hugged before.

The stranger-turn-awkward-hug. It could be a disaster. Some guys are so stiff you bother why you hugged them in the first place. Maybe coz you were hugging your friend and he/she was with them so you extend the love. Extend a hand next time. It’s easier.

The stranger-turn-nice-hug. You hug someone new and they return the hug with equal friendly measure. You bookmark them for future hugs.

The bro hug. The clasping of hands and bump of shoulder. I don’t get why guys have to hide feelings. Throw your arms around each other and get over with it. Kiss if you have to. You do it on the football pitch, so why not in the paths when you meet?

Did I mention the cold hug? The one that leaves you shivering, wondering why you ever decided to hug in the first place? The one with the ex, when you are not ready? Or the one with could’ve been’s current girlfriend. Or the one with the guy you really don’t like and he insists on it.

I almost forgot the two way hug, or cheek to cheek. I don’t like it either. But social decorum means I have to do it time to time.


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Savvy Kenya. Savvy Kenya said: And on that note (the awkward world of hugs off I go, got a 7am class to sleep through. […]

  2. I will admit that I’m the most awkward hugger ever! the only one I have down is the best friends hug, but I have this bad habit of bumping my chin on the other person’s shoulder…
    lol@ the girlfriend coming after you with claws, if only eyes had weapons I’m sure her look would have unjured you already!

    probably because the other person is tall and they don’t want to bend, so yeah, bump on the shoulder. Those girlfriends sure have daggers in their eyes!

  3. Like ilovekimchee above, I am also such a WEIRD HUGGER!!!

    Seriously! I have no idea which side starts and we end up bobbing our heads weirdly as if we’re doing some kind of Zulu dance routine!!

    Anyhoo, it interesting! The post that is… 🙂

    there is that awkward moment when you are not sure which side to start hugging with!

  4. I can’t believe I almost mmissed this!! HAHAHA! Made my day! I’m a hugger and a very good one(so I’ve been told). Never had a wierd hug though…

    lucky you..weird hugs are weird!

  5. Waah!tokn f hugz,guilty f bng a weird hugger(m pwity gd wth hndshakes 🙂 intrestn post,wsh people didnt lazimisha sm hugs

    Or handshakes….maybe we can just smile and wave…

  6. Great post Savvy. I love hugging and I am pretty good at it. With my cold clammy hands I really dont have much of a hands as you dont want me shaking your hands.

    I can vouch for the good hugger part 😉

  7. OK, now I don’t know anything about football, so is that a real photo or is it photoshopped?

    it’s real, and I think he was kissing his cheek, but from this angle it looks like mouth to mouth.

  8. So if I meet you no hugs?

    I think hugs will be appropriate.

  9. there’s also the A hug where it’s basically the arms interlocking as you stand apart from each other.
    However coz I’m usually taller most hugs are like shoulder hugs

    sometimes you can bend and give a really good hug…the one where u lift the chick off the ground.

  10. Excluding those little left right left again kisses, I love and give a good long hug. When necessary. And it’s not always necessary.

    the necessity depends on the ‘huggee’ as opposed to the hugger!

  11. I’ll try it some time …

    I offer my help 🙂

  12. I loved hugs back in Campo. They are now rare and seem student-ish

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