This baby thing

A friend made an observation. If you look at profile pics on FB of our age mates, it’s either a picture of a baby, or a picture of themselves with a baby. Funny thing is, my profile pic has me posing with a baby too! Well, I don’t think it helps matters that I’ve cropped the same photo for my twitter account.

My profile pic

Seems early twenties is the time when most women start wishing for babies, consciously or unconsciously. Others go ahead and get one, intentionally or unintentionally.

Either way, they say this is the best time to get a baby. One of the reasons is you’ll be back in shape faster (because you are young, I guess). Secondly, you’ll be done with rising young kids by the time you start your career. While your friends are walking around with extended bellies and wiping mucus from toddlers in the late twenties and early thirties, you are at the height of your career. I must admit you can’t argue against this premise.

So of course you may wonder, is marriage in the mix? No of course not, and even if it is, it is not likely to last. If marriage used to be something to look forward to, it clearly no longer is. So maybe this is the downside of getting a kid at this time. The father is not likely to be there 24-7, because the kid will most likely live with your parents while you go to school and establish your career.

And if you haven’t figured it out, the in-thing is to get just one child, because then it is easier to move on. Like in case things between you and your live-in boyfriend are not working out, it will be easier to go your separate ways if you just have one kid. So the trend is to have one child, and hopefully a girl so you can treat her like a princess and everything . (I didn’t get clear reasons why the kid had better be a girl, but there is also the fear that the baby daddy might want to hold onto a boy… I suppose this heir thing is still in our blood.)

Marriage at this age may not work, because said parents are not ready to settle down, come home in time for dinner every night and stop flirting with everyone around. The responsibility of the child will weigh heavily on them….mostly the ‘wife’ because she can’t go out every night, and most of the child care is left to her.

So, is it worth having a baby now? If you get pregnant now, you are due in Jan or Feb, way after you are done with exams. You’ll have got your degree and your baby.


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  2. what the hell, a baby is not like a thing you buy from a shop. I figure raising a kid is no joke! And raising it alone (single parenthood) is unfair to it.

    Many of these girls leave their kids to their parents. I also agree its unfair to raise a kid without his dad around.

    But if by any chance you noticed, I had a twitter profile cropped pic of me holding a baby. Not mine I might emphasize. But I love babies and babies love me. As for the right time to get one, that varies for each one of us.

    The right time would mean when you can afford to take care of one, both financially and emotionally.

  3. i so feel where you are coming from. i feel like all my agemates have left me behind. i’m i slow…hell no, i’m only 22…but it kind of feels like it.

    you call yourself Shaniqua for real? don’t feel left behind. am 22 too, and in no way ready to raise a child, because its a lifetime responsibility. Maybe in another 6 or so years.

  4. I’m twenty now it true the the wish is there but i think i have to wait and get through school is a lifetime commitment

    yeah, finish school first.

  5. Are you telling us something??
    Ha I remember during orientation we were told some come to campo and get a degree and others a degree plus plus..

    I assure you I shall only be leaving with my degree…but who knows?

  6. also been guilty of using my bro’s kid on my profile

    it just sort of happens there comes a time when you like babies.

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