AFC Leopards 1-0 Gor Mahia

On Tuesday night my lil’ brother called me.

“Savvy, are we going to watch to match tomorrow?”

Even before I could ask what match, what time, I had already replied, “No, of course not. Am broke.” Then I remembered I should first check my account, so I decided to do just that and wonder of wonders, it was not reading 0 as it has been for much of this month. So I called him back, and together with my other brother who is at home because his campus rioted, we headed to the Stadium to watch AFC Leopards maul Gor Mahia.

This was the first time I was watching a Kenya Premier League match. Not that I haven’t been to the stadium before, I have. During Harambee Stars games. Like this one. Or just search for Harambee Stars posts on my blog. Anyway it was also the first time I was watching a match under floodlights. I was a bit apprehensive, especially after being roughly pushed into the stadium by the security guys.

We managed to lose our lil brother in the melee, and some friends of mine with whom we had gone to the match. And oh my, isn’t it a nightmare trying to find anyone at the stadium?

“Am standing right here! Can’t you see me?”

“Where the hell is right here? I am on the other side. The left side of the main dais. Next to the guy in green wearing green with a red a vuvuzela.” You bellow into the phone, which is on speaker mode and right next to your ear.

“What?! I can’t hear you. Can you see the Superman guy? He is wearing Mariga’s shirt…just next to the AFC dancing band!”

“What?! I can’t hear you, lemme text you.”

“What?! Can you see me now?”

That is how the conversations went like so we decided to find each other after the game.

The match was quite entertaining. Gor Mahia missed a lot of chances, they played a better game but they just couldn’t score. And Blackberry, the player not the phone (George Odhiambo) really impressed me. The first half ended at 0-0 and we took this chance to find our lil’ bro.

Blackberry in an earlier match

My rioting-campus brother told us of how they looted stuff from the Student’s center during the chaos. One of his roommates came over with a whole carton of quarters of KK. (it’s a lethal drink, people, lethal. Only safe for campus students.) His neighbours were more thoughtful though…they carried bales of wheat flour, sacks of rice and potatoes. The following day, the yummy smell of frying mandazi and pancakes was wafting to their room!

Back to the match, AFC finally managed to score in the second half and the fans went crazy. Okay, the fans are already crazy! AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia have the most fanatic of fans! They danced around the stadium, taunting each other, lighting flares and singing all manner of songs, which I understood not! Am told the Gor fans sang a song with words like “get out of the way, Gor is coming through!” and when the Leopards scored, their fans sang a funeral song!

A view of the stadium

In attendance at the match was Our Kid whom I had to find after the match. You might want to check out Our Kid Foundation.

For more about the match, see NairobiLiving

P.S. In other news
I heard nguka’s was closed. Now looking for a suitable replacement for number 3 on my campus to do list


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Savvy Kenya, Savvy Kenya. Savvy Kenya said: New post: Gor Mahia Vs AFC Leopards […]

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  2. Was following your live match tweets. . . You and @Mwanikih. . . I was actually proud to see so many fans showing up for that match. . . Almost makes one wish they were the only team inna di KPL. . . Was rooting for Gor by the way, 🙂

    I dont undestand why the UoN VC had to wait for 4 days to close the campus after pulling a Kivuitu on them. . .

    considering the student council controls about 20m, its bound to be rigged.

  3. You guys were bloody rowdy! Could hear y’all all the way at my house!! Will be joining for the next one as long as I get an invite!!

    Oh you will get the invite!

  4. The Kenyan El Classico lived up to its billing.

    Gor played an entertaining game but that ‘Blackberry’ was just not within network.

    As for Leopards, I think they exemplified that theory that goal attempts are just like someone going to a nightclub and chatting up 50 girls, getting their phone numbers and going home alone. And another one chatting up one girl and going home with her. At the end of the day, it is the score that matters, not the numerous attempts.

    Does it remind of you of Arsenal playing a beautiful game?

    Check the NTV highlights here…

    Oops. It has no goals or on field action.

    PS. It was great meeting up with you!

    You too!

  5. Thanks for the link back. I can help last two on your campus to do list…

    I’ll take you up on the offer!

  6. Thanks for the live tweets. was following yours in the mat going home. Was over the roof when your 1-0 for AFC tweet came in!

    You are welcome…

  7. Ok. I see. Now I’m reliably informed!

    You are welcome.

  8. […] Savvy here just advised me to skive work Friday to go watch at least the first match. Let me just promise to watch the last. And that’s a tight fan right there. A unique girl who can hold a soccer conversation with Carok Radull and not look and sound utterly stupid. Magaribina too knows a thing or two about the game ama? […]

  9. Looks like I have found a place to get news on Kenyan soccer as it happens! Nice place!

    thanks..I’ll try to keep it updated.

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