The Bahai Faith

The religion question usually pops out a while after the tribe question. This is when trying to know someone….usually their names give you a clue. Last year I was having a different set of roommates altogether, and I did write about them. I just hope they never read it.

I consider myself a Christian, and am usually the lost sheep that rarely goes to church and still has a million doubts about the whole Christianity thing. However, if someone inasmuch as questions my religion, I am ready to defend it with words, Bible quotes and all.

One I day, I was pondering my one of my roommates’ name. It sounded Muslim/Arabic, yet I knew she wasn’t a Muslim. Christian? I asked her, no. Hindu? No. Muslim? No. Scientology? No. Budhism? No. what then?


“Baha what? I’ve never heard of that religion before.”

“The Bahai Faith. It’s like a union of all religions.” She started explaining. We had a long argument after that….
The Bahai Faith was started in Persia (modern day Iran I think) by Bahaullah. Now who is this Bahaullah? We asked incredulously. He is Jesus Christ come again. Really? How can Jesus Christ have come and we don’t know about it? I thought the Bible clearly says that when He does come back, horns will blow (or is it trumpets, then the shaking of the earth or something), and he will descend with angles (I really need to study my Bible)…and the whole wide world will know.

She explained that these things happened, just not the way we expected them to. That when he was born, these signs were there.

Well, there is such a thing as freedom of religion. I can imagine how doubtful those Jews were when Jesus was explaining to them that he is the Messiah. Some of them are still doubtful of course. They think the New Testament (of the Bible) is hogwash.

I went and googled the Bahai Faith and I admit I didn’t finish reading on it. They do have a holy book of theirs ( can’t remember the name). I remember having the same incredulous look when I first heard of the Mormons, wondering how people just start to believe in something so er…doubtful.

But then, to each man, his own. The search for God has never been this complicated.


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  2. A union of all religions? Jesus Christ come back? Tht one made me laugh. Omona. If you believe in them all then you don’t believe in any of them!

    Faith is not something that you question….you just believe.

  3. Madea,

    Religion will always make us retract. That is, if we allow it to. I stopped believing in religion way back. And somehow I am like you…only that I believe in God. And I consider the Bible as a guide rather than the final word. I feel like it is more of a historical-cum-inspirational collection of books. But thats debatable as usual.

    In the end, I keep saying that this thing called LOVE is the best thing we were ever fortunate to have. And all that 1st Cor 13:4-7 talks about is what we need.

    I rest my case.

  4. Now, that guy hapo juu, is he their Muhammad, Jesus or Buddha?

  5. Incredulous no? Google Maitreya and laugh yo head off (or be awed if you believe in a kenyan messiah)

  6. and that is why i prefer to say am spiritual rather than religious…all i got is faith!

  7. Ditto Joliea.

  8. Ahem, this bahai thing is something else. I’m not really into religions per se as some stuff that they preach is out of this world, i believe in God and that’s that.

    Just as Joliea said..

  9. Interesting post. Coincidentally, just the other day I came across the “Baha’i Center” building somewhere in Upper Hill! I guess these Baha’i’s have a sizeable following here in .ke
    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    I think it’s the only center in Nairobi. But how do people just follow a new religion?

    • “How do people start following a new religion?” i would assume that religion didn’t start with Christianity.

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