Hall six

Many times I have written about it but I have never really dedicated a whole post to it. Never has anything deserved it more. Hall six is the Nakumatt of the campus: you need it, they’ve certainly got it. From electronics, to books, movies, legal intoxicants, illegal intoxicants, sex, a loan perhaps, and yeah, they got great cooks; who, when not short circuiting the electricity or causing accidental fires, cook delicious meals.

You cannot therefore, blame all the chicks that have taken to camping there. Damn, I should get me a Hall Six guy. Just a random thought. Anyway, I’ve heard of guys who wake up in the morning and wonder when theirs became a girl’s hostel. The number of ladies walking about in towels is quite large.

Of course it’s against the university rules to cohabit in the hostels, but who follows rules, right? This is a public university after all. We throw stones when we are opposed to anything. Back to the rules: you shall not do any business in the Halls of Residence, neither shall you cook, nor harbor visitors (nor play loud music) between 10pm and 10am. When I was a freshman, the rules were part of the bulky welcome to campus envelope and nothing more.
Now someone is trying to enforce them, and business has all but come to a standstill in the hostels. There were enterprising people selling Bamba 20’s, doing photocopies at odd hours of the night etc. and if you have to cook, you do it in secret. Sleepovers though, have remained. Till recently.

There is a guy who has an official letter CCed to the Dean of Students, the DVC, his parents (most likely) and the student counselor. It explains his expulsion from the Halls of Residence for cohabiting with a named cohabitee in Hall Six. He is to attend a month of counseling. Picture the sessions:

Counsellor: Hm…tell me about yourself.

Cohabiter: (Looks on in stony silence.)

Counsellor: Seems to me you have a problem. Tell me, what is disturbing you? Do your parents fight a lot? Do you feel the need to take drugs to numb your pain?

Cohabiter: Drugs? Am here for cohabiting.

Counsellor: Oh…(she adjusts her glasses, looks at the sheet again). What’s your name? Mark…okay, Mark. Seems to me you have a problem. Tell me, what is disturbing you? Do your parents fight a lot? Do you feel the need to cohabit to numb your pain?

And it shall go on for a month. But really? Counseling for cohabiting? It’s not like he was doing drugs or he was depressed. Only thing they were doing is each other and keeping warm in these cold times.

I rue the passing of the years that has brought rule-enforces on board. Hall six will never be the same again if this happens.

This is a big hostel that you would get lost in in your first year of trying to find your way around. It’s got a life of its own, and I’d hate for its character to be killed just like that.


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  2. hal six is one hell of a place..recently a buddy of myn in th comfort of his rm was approached by a cetain agent

    Agent:i saw u on th corridors n i thot u cld b in need of a cougar..

    ma boy:wat?? has it gone this far??

    agent: shes offering several thousands..gve me a call!!

    If that guy is getting commission, then he’s a pimp no doubt.

    lyfs cwaizy in HALL SITA

  3. Don’t let them destroy this beautiful piece of culture!!

    we’ll sure fight them!

  4. Does someone in Hall 6 run a brothel?

    Now that sort of business innovation would impress me…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they do…

  5. Wonder if they still run a cyber/bureau there? #YouNeedItWeveGotIt

    yep…you can surf for 50 cts per minute

  6. […] my mind. I noted how Savvy Kenya’s blog had grown so much in its readership (seeing as how Hall Six almost caused a viral sensation on twitter) . I mentioned this to her and I think out of modesty […]

  7. It sounds like Hall Six is packed with entrepreneurs of the future which is a good thing in my opinion and the women who go there clearly recognize that fact.

    it’s the place to be.

  8. Hall six is craizee. I remember a couple of hotels operating on rooms on 4th floor. Not sure whether they still exist, even traditional doctors are available.
    Ma ‘standing’ za usiku 3rd floor.

    Hotels? Am not sure…but I think guys do rent out their rooms sometimes.

    Its structure reminds me of Kenyatta Hopsital, I’ve never known why.

  9. hot girl i like it

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