The Young Writers Project

When I first saw the announcement in the newspaper, I decided not to apply because of the twice-a-week trips to town it would involve, because it was conflicting with my class schedule. However, when Chiira retweted it, saying it was too good an opportunity to miss, I decided to apply.

That was how I found myself asking why I write….

Why I write

Luckily for me, I already had a short story written somewhere, so I sent it and what do you know, they called me up.

I was with some tweeps that Sunday @Kirembu, @cdohnio and @wamathai and they were the first to hear the good news. Let’s hope my fiction writing career will pick up. Am yet to write that award-winning novel.

On Friday, I attended my first class…and what do you know? I had forgotten basic grammar..proper nouns, (improper ones too?), transitive verbs and so on. In the streets later, who do I meet in the paths? That guy who acts as the Deputy in Tahidi High. I took a picture with him.

The Tahidi High Deputy


4 Responses

  1. How awesome! Congrats and I hope you have a great experience! Can’t wait to read your works

    thanks. Have you read the short story?

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  3. You write well! I’m sure you’ll do good! Read the short story btw liked it!

    thank you1

  4. I love the way you write! Hope for the best for ya!! 🙂

    Me on the other hand, lemme stick to blogging. For now at least!

    blogging is where I started too…

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