Football Is Gay, The World Cup and What Not

I know the world cup is here, and am yet to write a post on it. But I finally caved to the pressure..I have watched about 5 matches so far, and have come to the obvious conclusion…which has been said already; football is gay.

Kaka getting red-carded in the dying minutes of the game

The last match I watched was between Brazil and Ivory Coast last night. I was supporting Ivory Coast; for the obvious reasons. No, not Didier Drogba, that arrogant, sexually attractive, Chelsea player. Because it’s an African team…

There is this conspiracy that we unraveled. Have you noticed all these non-African coaches? They are out to make sure we don’t qualify. Japan have a Japanese coach. Koreans have Koreanese coaches. These foreign coaches will be the death of African football.

Notice if you don’t follow the World Cup, you may not be getting much information from here. But you can learn this: the only team that has any chance of going past the group stages is Ghana. The rest can start packing their bags. But to console yourself, England will be packing its bags too!

So to go back to football being gay. In that match…when Elano scored that last goal for Brazil, him and Kaka ran towards each other (in slo-mo), picture it….eager to throw their arms around each other, closing their eyes in the embrace.

And what about when Drogba scored that consolation goal? He ran towards his team mates, and the slomo-showed him with eyes closed in emotion, his face buried deep in his team mate’s neck.

Nothing gayer than that!

That being said, I hope Netherlands win this one.


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  2. Word! I totally agree! Some of the celebrations with people kissing and embracing each other are extremely suspect:-D!!

    totally suspect!

  3. That can be said of any sport including rugby and Nascar. Just watch! If that’s our criteria for judging the game then I say #lame. Just like your supporting Ivory Coast “for obvious reasons”.

    Rugby and Nascar (nascar? lemme google) may be considered gay too. But not all sports, what about Cricket? Athletics? Besides…it’s never that serious.

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  5. “Koreanese”?? HAHA!!!

    I hadn’t even kinda flows though? Japanese, Chinese, Koreanese

    On foota being gay….Ive always wondered how these people embrace one another…either bumping their frontnesses together ama one going way up and the frontness is in the face of the other…

    Frontness? ha ha….

    Aint no gayer than that!!! 😀

  6. I was so moved seeing the look on these men’s faces as they showed each other some love. Considered joining a guys’ football team if only just to be hugged that passionately!

    those hugs are something else!

  7. Tats nt te heat of passion u cn do anythng.4 example,te easiest tym 2 bone a chic is wen she’s overcome by emotion.

    which emotion are we talking about here?

  8. ur a real fala…lol

    I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you.

  9. oh come on! didier drogba is not only a wonderful player on the field but off. maybe you should visit his website, he not only donates, but visits hospitals, and he basically stopped a civil war from occurring in ivory plz give the dude his props. BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Gives me a feeling of what my life could/would have been like if i hadn’t moved to the states at 9. so i might start my own blog when i go to college soon on a kenyan girl in american school. nway keep doing what u’re doing.

    I wasn’t hating on him…this was not such a serious post..

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