Mr. and Miss University, Kenya

I was walking around in town, like I have been doing these days, bumping into schoolmates, celebrities, my fans, etc. This Wednesday, I met our Miss University, the reigning beauty queen (as the cliches put it), in a hurry. She tells me she’s just from an interview with Ghetto Radio. To be a presenter, I ask? No, as our representative for the Miss University to be held at Carnivore this Saturday the 26th of June.

I told her I’d blog about it, so here I am. Then someone tweeted a link (@Amasy, I think) to the website where they have these pictures of the contestants and you can vote for them. Here it is.

I couldn’t find her picture though…so this picture from Miss JKUAT 2008 where she was a contestant will have to do. She is at the right-most of the picture So if you have no plot on Saturday night…there you are.

Miss jkuat contestants.. Maria, the reigning queen, is at the right most.


4 Responses

  1. How many times can someone vote? and why are some contestants name appearing automatically before you even choose? Good plan for the weekend though 🙂 Thanks.

  2. If you ever need a date…..

    On another note…that website is a bit er..I just don’t like it. It’s shallow!

  3. ‘no one in their right senses will take a stranger home unless their inhibitions are lowered by liberal amounts of alcohol’

    Savvy nani alikwambia hivyo? He/she lied.

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